Lunchbox: Meth madness

Methro Council: Tonight city lawmakers will debate (among other issues) the pseudoephedrine (PSE) resolution, sponsored by Councilwoman Vicki Aubrey Welch, D-13, which asks the General Assembly to make cold medicine a prescription drug. The south Louisville Democrat says it’s to help Metro Police fight meth labs. However, Councilman Kevin Kramer, R-11, who taped a Hot Button editorial on WAVE-TV, says there isn’t a need for the additional regulations. Kramer is reportedly submitting his own resolution that would only prevent convicted criminal from buying the medicine.

BREAKING NEWS (not really): Some dude named Bill Johnson dropped out of the U.S. Senate race. The longshot GOP candidate cited depressing poll numbers.

Hammering Hal: The zing of the night from yesterday’s debate between the three Republican mayoral candidates came from Metro Councilman Hal Heiner, R-19, who is considered the GOP front-runner. The east Louisville councilman confronted his primary opponent, developer Chris Thieneman, who is a co-founder of The Mint Jubilee, about financial troubles associated with the Derby-eve charitable event. Heiner asked: “How can we trust you to run our city’s $800 million budget when you failed to manage a charity?” Ouch! Listen to audio of the debate here.

Down I-64 east: The race for mayor of Lexington is heating up too.

Jihad Jane and the Patriot Act: The Justice Department won’t say whether provisions of the Patriot Act were used to investigate and charge Colleen LaRose, according to TIME Magazine. However, the FBI and U.S. prosecutors who charged the 46-year-old woman could well have used the Patriot Act’s fast access to her cell-phone records, hotel bills and rental-car contracts as they tracked her movements.

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