Lunchbox: Health Care Reform signed into law

Paul v. Yarmuth?: Though he’s in a race for U.S. Senate, Republican Rand Paul helped organize a small rally slamming U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, a Democrat, over health care reform. Yarmuth was the only member of Kentucky’s delegation to vote for the historic overhaul. The protests outside the Romano Mazzoli Federal Building in downtown Louisville were mainly setup to boost Yarmuth’s potential GOP opponents. “It is a dark day,” said Larry Hausman, one of the four Republicans vying for the chance to run against Yarmuth in November. “You are less free here today than you were yesterday.”

Haus party: Speaking of the Republican candidates for Congress, Larry Hausman says he’s prepared to debate his primary opponents anytime, anywhere. “I think it’s time for all four of us to come to the table for a debate or a series of debates and allow the Republicans of Louisville to hear how we will address issues once elected to office,” he said in a press release.

Let the Sypher begin: Now that the University of Louisville men’s basketball season over, let the ugly sex scandal involving coach Rick Pitino and vixen Karen Cunagin Sypher can commence. The trial is scheduled to start June 1 and docketed to last nine days, which might result in a swarm of national media and it’s traveling circus. Let’s hope it doesn’t last a day longer.

Google me: There are a number of cities vying for Google Fiber’s gigabit infrastructure. We’re not even sure what that means. It sounds a bit too nerdy to understand, but Republican mayoral candidate Jonathan Robertson has tried to make it a campaign issue and get the public excited about it.

Law of the land: Yes, he did. And now that President Obama has signed the historic health care bill, the question is what will happen now?


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