Rep. Wayne On Kentucky’s Impending (Never-ending?) Fiscal Doom

Yesterday, the citizens of this fair but imploding commonwealth learned that the biggest task in the charge of our state legislators — namely, crafting a budget — would take precedence over normal Capitol proceedings because they cannot agree on how best to pretend solving the problem; the regular session was delayed, most lawmakers got a day off and the select few who remained would stay behind closed doors and play on their iPhones.

And wouldn’t you know it, they’ve decided to do the same thing again today.

Besides Frankfort’s requisite spinelessness, the source of contention resides in whether the Senate will allow Stumbo’s House Bill 290 to go forward with its $1 billion-plus spending provisions. However, an additional component to the patchwork budgetary process, House Bill 530, is a prime example of Kentucky’s penchant for ignoring existential revenue deficiencies in lieu of stealing money from whatever hapless baby they can find.

So here’s Louisville Rep. Jim Wayne discussing this, the (lack of) budget and pretty much everything else that Frankfort’s decades’ spanning idiocy hath spawned.


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  1. Sarah Lynn Cunningham
    Posted March 31, 2010 at 11:55 pm | Permalink

    I so appreciate Jim Wayne, for his perspicacity, guts to tell the truth and stamina to keep at it.

    If the rest of the legislators had a fraction of his integrity and commitment, this state would be in much better shape. Shame on the legislators that are too cowardly to get behind him and, more so, on the “leaders” that use Kentucky’s problems to try to build their political power.