Fairness Campaign endorses Tandy for mayor

The political action committee of the Fairness Campaign, C-FAIR, has endorsed Metro Councilman David Tandy, D-4, for mayor of Louisville, along with several other candidates seeking public office in the upcoming May primary. The gay rights group’s endorsement process engaged the mayoral candidates in wide-ranging discussions of issues important to both the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, according to its press release.


In the Democratic Primary for Mayor, CFAIR endorses Councilman David Tandy, a longtime friend of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community…In his interview, Councilman Tandy set out a broad, vigorous, and enthusiastic vision for Louisville that included a strong focus on education and a balanced growth of local, independent small businesses alongside larger corporations. He spoke of the commonalities across neighborhoods, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic classes in the Metropolitan area and the practical considerations for moving Louisville forward.

It’s another significant nod for the Tandy campaign this week, which also received the endorsement from the Teamsters and United Food and Commercial Workers, putting the former council president in the middle of the ongoing tussle over labor union endorsements in the Democratic primary (click here, here and here for more). The two unions are among the largest in the area, representing more than 50,000 working families who and have pledged to turn out thousands of union voters in support of Tandy.


  1. travis
    Posted April 9, 2010 at 2:03 pm | Permalink

    Payne’s numbers and the FEC’s numbers do not match. According to the FEC, Fischer’s only donations to Northup were $250 on 10/08/1998 and $350.00 on 10/03/2000. That equals hundreds, not thousands. Maybe Payne knows something the FEC (and the Northup campaign) don’t. If so, he should let us know.

    Anyone can look up donations at the Federal Election Commission website, http://www.fec.gov. If you checks under Greg Fischer, you;ll find he has given more money to Democrats and the Democratic Party than any other candidate.

    $1000 to Yarmuth in ‘07, ‘08, and ‘09; $250 to Heather Ryan in ‘08; $1000 to Boswell in ‘08; $250 to the DNC in ‘09; $15,750 to the KDP in ‘07, ‘08, and ‘09; $5000 to the Kentucky Victory Fund (Federal account) in ‘07; $7300 to Obama in ‘08; and $5000 to the Obama Victory Fund in ‘o8.

    There’s been a lot of talk of Jim King throwing money around in this race. But he hasn’t thrown any to any Democrats other than himself lately. No other candidate for mayor has given the kind of dollars Fischer has to Democrats.

    If Payne can’t get these numbers straight off an FEC webpage correct, why should we trust him to get the icemachine story correct?

  2. stu noland
    Posted April 10, 2010 at 4:49 pm | Permalink

    Come on Fairness community, you’re better than that. Don’t you realize that educated, open-minded, and tolerant people like myself will leave this city if David “Build 2 Bridges” Tandy is elected.