Tandy rejects Simon endorsement

Democratic mayoral candidate and Metro Councilman David Tandy, D-4, has refused to accept the endorsement of the Freedom’s Heritage Forum, a political action committee created by the controversial Dr. Frank Simon, a well-known anti-gay activist in the city.

In February, LEO Weekly received a candidate questionnaire drafted by the right-wing organization, which says it supports “conservative Christian candidates for local, state and national office.” Among the strange list of questions included were suggestions that Muslims had conquered Europe.

A few days ago the group released its endorsements in local races, which included giving Tandy the nod for mayor of Louisville in the crowded Democratic primary. However, political observers noted that it was likely Simon’s strategy to support a candidate he eventually wanted to lose because of Tandy’s recent seal of approval from the Fairness Campaign.

Earlier this month, the gay rights group’s political action committee, C-FAIR, endorsed Tandy for mayor, saying he “spoke of the commonalities across neighborhoods, racial and ethnic backgrounds.” The Tandy campaign quickly noted that the former council president made no effort to seek the support of Simon’s organization.

Tandy’s statement:

“My entire political career has been about bringing people together. I cannot accept the endorsement of any organization that works to exclude anyone from the political process. This entire campaign is about bringing every citizen of Louisville together to create better, more vibrant and more inclusive communities; a vision that organization does not share.

My Christian values are extremely important to me. But my Christian values teach that every individual has a voice, that every person is entitled to equal rights and opportunities and that any organization which chooses to discriminate based on race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation has no place in my campaign.”

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