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Julian Carroll Still Has An “Independent” Problem

Last night, while getting drunk at a fundraiser for 38th Democratic Senate District candidate Marty Meyer (to whom I contributed nothing financially), I ran into Sen. Julian Carroll, D-Anderson. Or rather, he ran into me. You may remember that Carroll was featured in a CNN story earlier this year about Kentucky’s closed primary system, wherein […]

Lunchbox: Apocalypse? Not Now

20 Years Later… Now that LEO’s corpulent 20th anniversary issue has hit the streets, we would like to invite you, The Unwashed Reader, to our birthday party, which will be held this Thursday at the Mellwood Arts Center. (It’s free, btw) Oh, and if nostalgia is your kind of thing, check out this podcast featuring […]

LEO News ’Cast: John Yarmuth Speaks!

On Monday, U.S. Congressman and LEO founder John Yarmuth, KY-3, stopped by our downtown offices for a chat with Sara “Bar Belle” Havens and Editor Sarah Kelley — just in time for LEO’s upcoming 20th anniversary. What followed was a free-wheeling podcast that took stock of a score’s worth of eccentric observations. Click Here to […]

Stemle On GOP “Unity” Rally

Yeah yeah, we’re a little late posting this, but I hope former LEO Editor Cary Stemle can find it in his heart to forgive us. Writing for TIME Magazine (yeah, that TIME), Stemle went to last Saturday’s GOP Unity Rally held in The Bowels of Southern Fried Hell Frankfort. Here’s a taste: Whatever discomfort party […]

Meloche Accused of Sexual Harassment (& A Bunch of Other Nasty Shit) Again

Former Louisville Metro Animal Services Director Gilles “Zheels” Meloche and interim Director Wayne Zelinsky have been slapped with a second sexual harassment lawsuit, according to legal documents filed just days ago with the U.S. District Court of Western Kentucky in Louisville. The plaintiff, former LMAS veterinarian Kendall Clay, alleges (among other things) that Meloche sent […]

Ear X-tacy Actually Moving To Douglass Loop

On May 11, the indispensable neighborhood/infrastructure/transportation/what-have-you blog Broken Sidewalk reported that ear x-tacy, which is a record store of some renown, would be moving from its current location at 1534 Bardstown Road to 2226 Bardstown Road, the site of a Fed-Ex/Kinko’s. That same day, the Courier-Journal ran a story with a headline that (originally) read […]

Lunchbox: Back From The Dead

The Incredible Shrinking Deficit: Louisville Metro Government has announced that the 2010 fiscal year budget is short by $6 million — a big improvement over 2009′s $29.6 million shortfall, and almost half of the $13 million shortfall that analysts predicted in January. Belt-tightening, an increase in taxes collected from employee pay checks and a bottomed-out […]

Paul Spooked By Gregory’s Super-brain

David Adams, the campaign manager for The Anointed Holy Colonel Sir “Ayn” Rand Paul The Younger, MD, should be glad his candidate nixed an appearance on “Meet the Press,” lest he be felled by the rapier wit of… DAVID GREGORY!

A Post-Primary Interview With Jack Conway

Now that Rand Paul has officially become the de facto face of the 2010 Kentucky Senate Death Match, we decided to ask his Democratic opponent, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, a few questions about the race that’s got everybody from LA to New York and beyond abuzz.

Conway Releases Statement on Paul’s Anti-Civil Rights Stance

Last night, Republican senatorial hopeful Rand Paul went on the Rachel Maddow Show so that he could firmly plant his foot in his mouth. On the topic of government intervention into “private affairs,” the following exchange occurred. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Basically, Paul’s trouble with the heavy-hand […]