Allen unveils first TV ad

Hoping to get his vision for Louisville out to a broader audience before the May 18 primary, Democratic mayoral candidate Tyler Allen will begin airing his first campaign television commercial next Monday.

Check it out:


The advertisement introduces the Louisville businessman as a candidate interested in making better investments towards the city’s future. Predictably, the co-founder of 8664 criticizes the $4.1 billion Ohio River Bridges Project and slams the leading Democrats for supporting the plan.

“My opponents would waste $4.1 billion on colossal mistake, then make you pay the bill by taxing you with new tolls on bridges you’ve already paid for,” says Allen. “If they endorse ideas this bad, how can we trust them with the future of our city? We can do better (and) now’s our chance.”

If the project remains the juggernaut in the room, Allen, who supports building an East End bridge, could benefit from the swelling anti-tolling sentiment among voters. Earlier this week, he joined four other mayoral candidates who are also against tolls at a press conference before the bi-state authority meeting.

From The Courier-Journal:

Allen, a proponent of only a new eastern bridge, said city leaders need to follow the example of officials in Missouri and Illinois, where a $2.4 billion, two-bridge project that contemplated tolls was scaled back to one bridge costing $667 million…

In responses to recent questions from The Courier-Journal, Democrat Greg Fischer said if tolls are necessary, he will push for them to be as small as possible and removed once the project is paid for. Jim King said he opposes tolls on existing bridges while David Tandy said he would support tolls on current bridges.

However, that anxiety over tolls hasn’t boosted Allen ahead of the three leading Democrats. The latest poll shows that he remains in the back with only 7 percent of the vote. But the Allen campaign is confident that in the home stretch, voters see their candidates consistency.

“I think voters are already connecting to the tolling debate, and most believe Tyler is correct in that creating the largest tax in Kentucky’s history is both reckless and irresponsible,” says Jason Perkey, Allen’s campaign manager.

“We don’t consider him a long-shot. We believe voters are looking for something different, a new kind of leader,” he says. “We think saying no to tolls definitely sets Tyler apart from the other candidates in this race who think its a good idea to tax our citizens to cross bridges we already own.”

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  1. Curt Morrison
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    Phillip- you’re really good at putting a lot of information in a nutshell.

    One clarification, there are actually two TA commercials hitting next week, here’s a link to the 2nd one: