Mongiardo Camp Nixes Vote Recanvassing

The campaign of Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo has just sent word that they’re giving up on a recount of last night’s razor-thin primary election, because, well, the Kentucky Democratic Party needs to “heal” or some such bullshit.

“This was a difficult decision.  Many of our supporters have poured their hearts and souls into this campaign and they are heartbroken today. However, upon further reflection, I realize that despite their being less than a 1% difference in the vote, a re-canvass is extremely unlikely to change the outcome. It would only delay the healing process that needs to take place.  I want to express my sincere thanks to the thousands of Kentuckians who worked on our campaign and the 225,000 Kentuckians who supported our efforts with their vote,” said Mongiardo.

Kim Geveden, Mongiardo’s campaign spokesman said, “After talking to election experts, and weighing the probability of changing the outcome of the election versus the importance of moving our party forward, Daniel made the decision that it is more important to move forward than pursue a re-canvass that was extremely unlikely to change the outcome despite the razor thin difference in the vote.” [A Press Release]


  1. Sorry
    Posted May 20, 2010 at 4:49 pm | Permalink

    Is this what a “news blog” is? Posting a quote, and calling it “bullshit” in the sentence above? If I’m looking to point at bullshit, I’ll aim my pointer finger at the Fatlip blog.

  2. jmeador
    Posted May 20, 2010 at 7:14 pm | Permalink

    Dear Sorry,

    Mongiardo called to concede the election to Conway shortly after 10:00 p.m., so this is a kind of “thirteenth hour” hail mary.

    Or does the Orwellian memory hole in which you reside forget the immediate fact that, just hours earlier before this clarion call to “healing,” Mongiardans issued A FUCKING RECANVASSING OF THE VOTE? OCEANIA HAS ALWAYS BEEN AT WAR WITH EURASIA.

    Get real, man. They behaved like a pack of hyenas during this campaign, being gimmicky and feeding on anything they could get that would get them closer to their power-grab. And today’s death-throe gurgle of horseshit is disingenuous at best, because when you say “I don’t need the U.S. Senate”/talk about the relationship between you and your boss as if it were a crumbling, bitter marriage/proceed to disseminate malicious rumors about your opponent and think that abortion is against Muhammad’s will (Or is that Jesus’? I get them confused all the time…), then yeah, this happy-talk of “healing” totally qualifies as bullshit. Furthermore, the KDP now has a WINNING candidate who campaigned as a Crit Allen-approved progressive, so any further sound emanating from an entity like the Daniel Mongiardo will be regarded as the post-mortem bowel evacuation of a fresh corpse: discomforting to the viewer, but inevitable in the eyes of nature.

    But maybe in another sense “healing” the party could mean a sentence of exile unto a worthless mountain-top estate, where a failed, mascara-wearing Napoleon grows old and fat. Then by all means, Elba awaits you and your kind.

    Thanks for reading!

    (P.S. Not sure what the etymology of your surname is… I reckon it lies somewhere between the Gaellic/Anglo-Saxon “Shit” and “Suck.”)

    (P.P.S. Are you gonna vote for Paul now? Just curious)