Conway Releases Statement on Paul’s Anti-Civil Rights Stance

Last night, Republican senatorial hopeful Rand Paul went on the Rachel Maddow Show so that he could firmly plant his foot in his mouth. On the topic of government intervention into “private affairs,” the following exchange occurred.

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Basically, Paul’s trouble with the heavy-hand of government extends to the basic freedoms that hand has created. In response, Paul’s Democratic opponent, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, released a soft-hearted response earlier today, which was followed by another, more-pointed commentary, which follows:
No matter how he tries to spin to the contrary, the fact is that Paul’s ideology has dangerous consequences for working families, veterans, students, the disabled, and those without a voice in the halls of power. Kentucky voters have a choice between Rand Paul’s ideology and our campaign to create jobs, cut the deficit, and bring accountability to Wall Street and Washington. We are reaching out to Democrats, Independents and Republicans across Kentucky to ask them to join our campaign and stand up for Kentucky families.

Rand Paul is promoting a narrow and rigid ideology and has repeatedly rejected a fundamental provision of the Civil Rights Act. He is focused on the Tea Party whereas I am running to be a senator for all the people of Kentucky, who are really hurting right now.

UPDATE: Congressman John Yarmuth, KY-3, has thrown in his two cents as well:

“The comments by Senate candidate Rand Paul opposing the Civil Rights Act are simply appalling, and make it abundantly clear that he has no place holding public office in Kentucky in the 21st century.  Our Commonwealth was the first state south of the Mason-Dixon Line to establish a Commission on Human Rights dedicated to ending discrimination and we have worked hard to show the nation that Jim Crow laws are a distant part of our history.

Rejecting the fundamental provision of the Civil Rights Act is a rejection of the foundational promise of America that all men and women should be treated equally — a promise for which many Americans have lost their lives.

Leading is not hypothetical debating; it’s about solving real problems. It is the job of a Member of Congress to represent the needs of every one of their constituents, not to allow businesses to segregate or discriminate against them.

Rand Paul has already embarrassed Kentuckians in the eyes of the world. The Commonwealth deserves better because we are better – and I call on Mitch McConnell and my other colleagues in the Kentucky Congressional Delegation to join me in condemning his despicable views.”

Conway could learn a thing or two from Ol’ Yarmy, it seems.

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  1. GtownReader
    Posted May 21, 2010 at 1:09 pm | Permalink

    The scary thing is – the rabid Republican faction and many others will vote for ANYONE that they have been told is utterly & completely anti-Pres. Obama. -ANYONE who professes to be against the mere fact that our President is breathing. -ANYONE who wants to “throw the baby out with the bath water” on ANY issue that they perceive the Pres. to have even the most remote connection to. I get these vitriolic “viral” e-mails daily, most from tunnel-visioned Republican family members, but, surprisingly, some from formerly-committed Dems. The “inconvenient truths” & contradictions don’t factor into their anti-Obama zeal whatsoever.
    (Long before I was old enough to vote, my dad guided me on the wisdom of voting for the PERSON, not the Party.)