Lunchbox: School’s out

Diverting diversity: The Louisville branch of the NAACP released a report outlining its grievances with the Jefferson County Public Schools’ new student-assignment plan, which basically says the district isn’t as diverse as it should be. The civil rights organization also charges that parents, teachers, school board members and some district officials are undermining the initiative that came as a result of the 2007 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that declared the district’s 30-year-old desegregation policy unconstitutional.

Simply the best: Despite taking hits from the NAACP over the district’s problems with maintaining school diversity, JCPS officials have something to be proud about. In Newsweek, five of its high schools made “America’s Best High School,” list. Among the quintet, DuPont Manual ranks the highest at 160, followed by Ballard (137), Eastern (419), J. Graham Brown (655) and Male  (1060).

Don’t ask, do tell: Given his conservative views on gays serving in the military, abortion, gun rights and health care reform, does Republican Todd Lally’s have a shot at unseating U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth in the fight for Kentucky’s 3rd congressional district seat race?

Hot and homeless: The National Weather Service said the city’s temperature reached 93 degrees, which caused the Coalition for the Homeless to declare Operation White Flag yesterday. Under sweltering conditions like these, six shelters ease their regular rules on how many people can spend the night there.

Down in the Treme: The killing of Henry Glover is one of the uglier stories to come out of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Shortly after the hurricane hit, Glover was found incinerated in a car just a few hundred feet from a police station in September 2005. Oddly, no investigation was conducted regarding his death and this may reveal why:

From The Times-Picayune:

A federal grand jury Friday indicted three current and two former New Orleans police officers in the death of Henry Glover, who was shot to death in the chaotic days after Hurricane Katrina, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten announced.

Glover was shot and his body was left in a car behind the Algiers levee, which was torched by the officers, according to the 11-count indictment.

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    Can Lally unseat Yarmuth? lol

    Anyway: is it bad that I was totally distracted by the awesome NES lunchbox?