Heiner, Fischer disagree on Mayor Abramson

If the election in November is a referendum on Mayor Jerry Abramson, it’s pretty clear that Republican Hal Heiner and Democrat Greg Fischer are on opposite ends of the spectrum. During the first mayoral forum of the general election, hosted by the Home Builders Association of Louisville, the two major candidates offered different perspectives on the current administration.

Check it out:


Since city and county governments merged in 2003, Councilman Heiner, R-19, has been a critic of the mayor as a member of the Metro Council. For instance, if elected, the east Louisville Republican has promised to conduct a full audit of the city that will make otherwise closed records open to the public.

“What we need to change is the culture of the old style, the arrogant style of top-down decisions and flip that pyramid completely over,” Heiner said at the debate.

It doesn’t appear Fischer is trying to avoid the Abramson administration, and is willing to compliment the mayor’s quarter century public service record. The criticism that Fischer will be a sequel to Abramson also doesn’t seem to bother the Louisville businessman on the campaign trail.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Fischer had hired Abramson spokesman Chris Poynter to become his campaign spokesman and oversee policy. That move already has political observers speculation about what else Fischer will recycle from the Abramson administration.

Fischer’s coy approach to Abramson made sense in the Democratic primary, where the “Mayor for Life,” is still immensely popular among voters. However, in a general election it’ll be interesting to see if disgruntled voters (moderate Democrats and independents) will note that the rocky last years of the Abramson administration don’t need a continuation.


  1. Brendan
    Posted June 25, 2010 at 3:03 pm | Permalink

    Hey, don’t forget all of the progressive Democrats who aren’t big fans of Abramson and will consider a protest vote if Fischer campaigns as a continuation of Mayor Jer…

  2. John Hartmann
    Posted June 26, 2010 at 12:36 am | Permalink

    Well, now I am getting ashamed ofv LEO. You posted this blog about 2 mayoral candidates and neglected to even mention Jackie Green who was not allowed to debate. Jackie Green is increasingly being noticed as a very viable candidate in this mayors race. He is an independent candidate who has veiws about developing greenspace that run contrary to the developers. That is why they would not allow this worthy mayoral candidate in the “debate”. Green has the moral highground in that he is opposed to developing Louisville’s remaining greenspace on the perimeter of the City. Green feels that Louiville’s food security is important and he does not want that greenspace developed! He wants it to remain farms and fields. So, the Homebuilders Association of Louisville remind me of a bunch of cowards who are afraid of letting Jackie Green be heard. Fox 41 showed the event on TV–this type of behavior–excluding a viable candidate who has attended almost every other forum in this race and showing it on TV is an event where Jackie Green loses because the viewers believe tha Heiner and Fischer are THE candidates. Green’s voice is not heard because of the delopment community who want to fatten their wallets at the expense of the citizens of Louisville. Fischer and Heiner are both for devloping our greenspace. They deserve the public’s rath for allowing our democracy to sink to this type of exclusionary predjudice because they did not stand up for including Mr Green in the debate. And, they brag about inclusionary government. About openess. What a joke! And Fox 41 made some good money from this debate. They particpated and did not stand up for Mr Green and therefore did not stand up for the American value of democracy. I know Louisville can do better than this. Will the voters turn to the two candidates who have the big political machines behind as they aide in the denigration of our democracy. Or will voters get to see the progressive vision of inclusion that Mr Jackie Green holds in his policies for all the citizens of Louisville. Take a look at Mr Jackie Green and make him the next Mayor of Louisville. He is one of us!!

  3. Phillip M. Bailey
    Posted June 26, 2010 at 1:21 am | Permalink

    “Well, now I am getting ashamed of LEO.” — John Hartmann

    I’ll tell you what isn’t a good media strategy with me personally, trying to bully the coverage by creating a false sense of guilt about LEO’s (my) lack of coverage.

    Let’s be honest, this newspaper has time and again talked to and focused on Mr. Green and his public advocacy and candidacy going back to 2007.

    Here are just two examples:

    Jerry’s kids Nov. 2009

    The wheels on the bus

    As far as the controversy with last week’s debate, all I can say is be a little patient, calm down and read next week’s Jerry’s kids. That is all.