Lally blocks LEO from Twitter

For whatever reason, Republican congressional candidate Todd Lally‘s campaign has blocked LEO Weekly from following him on Twitter. We’re not sure what message that is supposed to send or what social networking rules of etiquette this falls under, but it’s clear that the campaign account isn’t private and can be accessed by anyone by a simple click of a button.

For instance, Lally’s followers on Twitter include a who’s who in the GOP big and small, such as House Republican Leader John Boehner, Louisville Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins, R-25, and even our favorite violent Republican, J.D. Sparks. Maybe the Lally campaign is trying to build up the UPS pilots conservative credentials online too.

Considering Lally’s opponent, U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-3rd, is the founder of this publication, the passive-aggressive block is not too surprising. In some people’s narrow minds this alt-weekly is still Yarmuth’s sound board. Hopefully, Lally won’t use LEO as a prop in the campaign; it is a strategy that’s been used — unsuccessfully I might add — by his opponents before.

And though it has been said by smarter and better writers than I since the columnist turned congressman first ran for office in 2006, here it goes — again:

In 2003, Yarmuth sold his share of LEO, long before anyone on the paper’s current news staff ever worked here. As former LEO editor Cary Stemle had to tell former Congresswoman Anne Northup back in 2006, when she held a press conference in front of LEO’s offices: Mr. Yarmuth doesn’t live here anymore.

The Lally campaign was unavailable for comment.


When asked about LEO being blocked from the campaign’s updates via Twitter, a Lally campaign spokesman says it was all a misunderstanding.

“If that’s the case then it was done in error, I haven’t’ blocked anybody and everybody should have open access to all of our social media,” says Jay Hill, Lally’s campaign manager. “If I did it maybe I hit block instead of follow. There’s no reason to block anybody. We’re a pretty open book. I don’t have any reason to do that to you guys.”

Besides Hill, only one other campaign staffer, Joel Adams, has access to the account. Occasionally, Lally will update the Twitter account personally, but it’s primarily a vehicle used by the campaign staff, says Hill.


  1. Curt Morrison
    Posted July 20, 2010 at 2:49 pm | Permalink

    While this is disturbing, to be fair it should be noted Rep. John Yarmuth isn’t even bothering to have a twitter account in this election. To me that’s an indication that he’s regressing when it comes to social media, or he’s too cocky to share what’s up with his campaign.

    Speaking of Rep. Yarmuth, why did the CJ print a “Reader Letter” from him today, violating their own policy against publishing letters from declared political candidates?

  2. Curt Morrison
    Posted July 20, 2010 at 2:51 pm | Permalink

    Oh, this is funny, Rep. Yarmuth is on myspace though. Such a 2010 #FAIL.

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