Boehner attends Lally fundraiser, Yarmuth responds

Earlier today, House Minority Leader John Boehner, OH-8, visited Louisville to help raise money for Republican Todd Lally, a lieutenant colonel in the Kentucky Air National Guard who is challenging Congressman John Yarmuth, a Democrat.

From The Courier-Journal:

Lally said about 250 people attended the event, which cost each person $250 to attend or $1,000 to be listed as a sponsor. He said he didn’t know how much money it raised.

Boehner spoke for about 20 minutes, partly about his vision for the House if the Republicans can take over, Lally said.

A few weeks ago, Yarmuth’s campaign released a survey that shows the two-term congressman leading by 26 points going into November. However, the Lally campaign says it is encouraged by Boehner’s visit.

“Leader Boehner’s support and willingness to personally help our efforts is telling of national importance and commitment to this race,” Jay Hill, Lally’s campaign manager said in a news release. “His presence in our District signals an expansion of our campaigning efforts on every level to ensure Louisville gains true conservative leadership in the House.”


In response to today visit, Yarmuth’s campaign manager, Elizabeth Sawyer, has issued the following statement:

Today, Todd Lally welcomed John Boehner to Louisville. The House Republican Leader has repeatedly called for cutting and privatizing Social Security, a dangerous plan that gambles seniors’ retirement in the stock market.  Fresh from meeting with Boehner, Lally followed in his footsteps, advocating the dismantling of Social Security as we know it and even calling it a “Ponzi Scheme.”

Social Security is one of our nation’s most successful programs, guaranteeing the financial security of millions of seniors every year.  Congressman  Yarmuth has a strong record of supporting Social Security and will continue fighting for Louisville seniors.

We’re not sure if this indicates the Yarmuth campaign is worried about Lally’s support from a national figure, but this isn’t the first time Yarmuth and the minority leader have jousted.

Last fall, during the debate surrounding President Obama’s health care reform Boehner asserted that he hadn’t met anyone who is in favor of the public option and Yarmuth sent him an invitation mocking the Republican leader’s assertion.