Bridges Authority to “examine” alternatives

At the next meeting of the Louisville-Southern Indiana Bridges Authority, expect a lot of straw-man argumentation.

The 14-member unelected body will examine alternatives to the $4.1. billion Ohio River Bridges Project, including grassroots favorite 8664 and the Mississippi River bridge, whose example speaks to the possibility of scaling down the massive project. In all likelihood, the Authority will take the opportunity to shoot down these said alternatives with half-baked logic and less-than-truthful numerology.

Earlier today, 8664 co-founder J.C. Stites released a statement in advance of the Authority’s upcoming Oct. 7 dog-and-pony.

With last week’s poll showing only 15 percent of Louisvillians support building two bridges, coupled with the overwhelmingly negative reaction to tolling Spaghetti Junction, it’s clearly time to look for better options,” said JC Stites, 8664 Co-Founder. According to Insight Communications’ recent poll, while only 14.5 percent supports building both bridges, a combined total of 64.6 percent support building the East End Bridge.

Building the East End Bridge has been the primary focus of 8664 for the past five years because it is the first vital phase of a three phase project that would reconnect downtown Louisville to the Ohio River.

8664 is making arrangements of Mr. Walter Kulash P.E., the engineer that conducted the 8664 Feasibility Study in 2007 to attend the next Bridges Authority meeting. Mr. Kulash described the 8664 alternative as “a simple, common-sense plan that meets the purpose of the Bridges project, at a fraction of the Bridges cost, while delivering vastly more civic quality of life benefits.”

Correcting False Statements

In addition to reviewing the engineering side of our alternative, we want to correct the misinformation being promoted by the Build the Bridges Coalition,” said Mr. Stites. The Build the Bridges Coalition is a political and business coalition promoting the Ohio River Bridges Project  regardless of its cost or impact. Mr. Stites continued, “Their messaging is a clear attempt to mislead the public and they need to stop.”

Among the erroneous information Stites will attempt to correct is the Coalition’s claim that the bridges project will create 56,000 jobs (it’ll only create about 5,400), as well as the notion that the project will add 45 acres to Waterfront Park (it won’t).

Stites also tells LEO Weekly that he’ll do “any and everything” to ensure that Kulash shows.


  1. mike miller
    Posted August 25, 2010 at 8:00 am | Permalink

    Take the bridge money and build light rail and improve the bus system…..maybe electric buses
    like San Fransisco.

  2. John Baker
    Posted August 25, 2010 at 2:27 pm | Permalink

    It’s time to examine our transportation options. KIPDA dropped the ball and should be removed from the process.