HuffPost features Louisville v. NYC score card

The Huffington Post has a cursory piece comparing Louisville to New York City written by David Serchuk, a financial reporter who recently relocated to the River City. We’re sure local boosters will take umbrage with some of Serchuk’s — aka the ‘Brooklyn Baby Daddy’ — observations, but we have to agree with him wholeheartedly about the city’s poor public transit system. Sorry.

From Huffington Post:

As a newcomer to Louisville (that’s in Kentucky) I can’t help but compare it to my old stomping ground, New York City. Why did I move here? Should you care? Those, my friends, are questions that have no answer. Today I am just going to shoot from the hip and see how the River City stacks up against the Big Apple. Get out your scorecards!


Access To Stuff:

1. New York is a city of neighborhoods, and every block has tons of stuff within walking distance. Barring that, take the subway. Barring that? Buddy, you’re screwed.

2. Here nothing is walking distance even though nothing is far. But from what I’ve seen the public transportation system doesn’t really work, coordinating busses that don’t really show up. Perhaps we should take shorter trips via horse?

Advantage: New York.

The rest of the list is just a lazy attempt to be either funny and/or the author coming to grips with an agonizing relocation process. Regardless, let’s welcome Serchuk and his family with open-arms, because he’s clearly suffering from a serious culture shock.


When comparing drinking water, Louisville newcomer David Serchuk wrote: “Apparently in Louisville you shouldn’t drink the water without a prescription as it’s loaded with drugs,”

Well, if the choice is between drugs and bugs then pass the coke city slicker.

From The Village Voice:

The “deliciousness” of said water — as “delicious” as water can be — is easy to attest to. The cleanliness?

Not so much. Because maybe it’s THESE BUGS IN YOUR WATER that make it so “delicious”. BAGHAGH! Someone — I’m not sure who — uploaded the following images to Imgur [Update: They came from Reddit via Joel Johnson at Gizmodo], which are microscope-magnified science pictures of DRINKING WATER (MAYBE BLOODSUCKING) BUGS of New York City’s famous drinking water


  1. Dave Serchuk
    Posted August 31, 2010 at 12:17 pm | Permalink

    Hi Guys,
    Dave here, thanks for reading and for posting the clip. We are getting used to life here, and I personally look forward to learning more and more about my new hometown. Many people have been kind enough to point out their favorite restaurants and the like. I look forward to learning more!



  2. Jsun
    Posted August 31, 2010 at 1:17 pm | Permalink

    haha I love both NY and Louisville equally, I think you will be fine Dave! I know people have already pointed you towards Bardstown rd. and Frankfort Ave. and even downtown (4th st. etc). I love Louisville for the fact that you can still feel like you discover a place rather than become bombarded with all of these stores as in NY. I agree on the public transportation issue as well, as we just cut more bus routes… P.S. the main thing I missed while in NY was the nature, don’t forget about Cherokee park and even river rd. and the water front…there are some amazing natural resources here…

  3. Puhn Tang
    Posted August 31, 2010 at 6:20 pm | Permalink

    Dear Dave, try the fried bed bugs at August Moon.. they’re imported from New York and they’re union. You will find that Louisvillians are very friendly and not given to rudeness. Oh, yea, and fuck the Yankees and Jeter’s little dog too.

  4. stu noland
    Posted September 2, 2010 at 2:29 pm | Permalink

    Dave, welcome to Louisville, KY: the only city in the world planning to expand an elevated waterfront expressway on its image defining waterfront (oh yeah, we are spending $260 million to save 50 trees on a private 52 acre estate in the suburbs). To achieve this dubious distinction we will be paying approx. $2 everytime we cross a bridge or drive through a 23 lane wide spaghetti junction. Don’t worry you won’t have to stop and throw change at a toll booth, instead you will be mailed a bill and only those from either IN or KY will have to pay. we need writers highlighting Louisville’s impending economic, enviromental, and cultural disaster. Many people believe Louisville is about to make the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century (the current design and funding plan of the downtown ORBP). This epic mistake will doom Louisville to 100+ years of economic stagnation (Ask UofL’s urban planning dept.). We could really use a writer with national credibility writing about this $4.1+ billion boondoggle.

  5. stu noland
    Posted September 2, 2010 at 2:35 pm | Permalink

    One more fact, a recent poll ( the first in 15 years) showed that a staggering 85.5% of Louisvillians do not support the current toll funded 2 bridges project. Over 60% do not support the downtown portion of the Ohio River Bridges Project. Despite this fact the unelected 15 member Bi-State Bridges Authority told us today that a toll funded 2 bridges project will be built regardless of public opinion. The ultimate insult to democracy was when they announced that future meetings will not allow public comment.