Fairness PAC endorses Herndon

The political action committee of the Fairness Campaign, C-FAIR, announced its final round of endorsements for the upcoming general election, and in the four-way race for the Metro Council’s 6th District seat, the group has given write-in candidate Ken Herndon the nod. The gay rights group cites Herndon’s “encyclopedic knowledge” of the district, which is unparalleled by his opponents, according to a news release.

The 6th District contest also includes Democrat David James, Republican Candace Jaworski and sitting Councilman Deonte Hollowell, Ind-6, who is the first independent to serve on the council after being appointed to replace the late George Unseld. 

Though immensely popular in the district, Herndon’s candidacy is still considered a long-shot given the registeration makeup in the district is 70 percent Democrat and the difficulty of write-in camapaigns. Still, political observers believe Herndon is a threat.

In this week’s LEO, we reported on the increasing gamesmanship in the race, which has resulted in lawsuit being filed in Jefferson Circuit Court to disqualify Hollowell from running. The suit alleges that the University of Louisville professor does not have enough signatures from registered voters in the district in his petition that he submitted to the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office.

The speculation is that Democratic party operatives are behind the litigation in the hopes of knocking Hollowell out in order to help James. The attorney who brought the suit to court is Jennifer Moore, the former Kentucky Democratic Party Chairwoman who was recently named the party’s legal counsel.

However, both state party officials and James deny any involvment in the case.

“I’m not sure who is trying to push me out of the race, and quite frankly, it doesn’t really matter,” Hollowell told LEO. “It’s a situation I have to take care of in order to clear my name, but I’m not letting this stop my campaign. I can’t be concerned, because I have to gain the trust of the voters.”

The other C-FAIR endorsements:

Nellie Draus Stallings –  KY House of Representatives District 32
Representative Jim Wayne –  KY House of Representatives District 35
Judge Olu Stevens – Circuit  Court Judge Division 6
Judge Brian Edwards –  Circuit Court Division 11
Judge Jennifer Bryant Wilcox –  District Court Judge Division 7
Judge Sheila Collins –  District Court Judge Division 10
Deanna McDonald –  District Court Judge Division 13
Judge Katie King –  District Court Judge Division 16
Judge Erica Lee Williams –  District Court Judge Division 17
Attica Scott –  Jefferson County School Board District 1
Debbie Wesslund –  Jefferson County School Board District 3


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