LMPD receives $6 million in federal funding

Joined by Congressman John Yarmuth and Metro Police Chief Robert White, Mayor Jerry Abramson announced that the Louisville Metro Police Department will receive more than $6 million from the Department of Justice’s Community Oriented Policing Services hiring program.

The funding will go directly to LMPD to hire 32 officers, inching the force to the largest it has ever been while providing three years worth of salaries and benefits for the added personnel, according to a news release.

Mayor Abramson praised Yarmuth and White for working together to secure the additional funds.

“Washington has delivered once again, helping Louisville improve safety for its citizens by putting more police officers on our streets and in our neighborhoods,” Abramson said in a press release. “With Chief White’s leadership, we have built a stronger, larger police force than ever before in this community to protect our citizens.”

The department is currently screening applicants for a new recruiting class that is expected to begin training in November. With the new funding, the department hopes to expand the size of the class to get more officers on the street.

The Abramson administration also took the time to remind the public about its improvements and investments — both real and perceived — in public safety for the LMPD during the mayor’s second term including:

· Investing $70 million in federal, state and local funds in MetroSafe, the emergency communications network that connects more than 4,000 emergency responders across the region.

· Consistently increasing funding for the police department to put more officers on the street and to add crime-fighting equipment.

· Developing 574-LMPD, the crime-tip hotline that has logged more than 100,000 calls and resulted in more than 2,000 arrests.

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  1. JTT
    Posted October 2, 2010 at 7:07 pm | Permalink

    But it will be a year and a half from the time they start the academy until they actually go out solo – which is just crazy. Shively PD can get an officer on the road solo in six to nine months – what’s the difference?