Louisville Kings?

With University of Louisville basketball fans ready to christen the new downtown arena, a rapidly growing Facebook page is calling for an NBA franchise to relocate to the KFC Yum! Center. It appears that the future of the Sacramento Kings franchise is uncertain, which has given renewed hopes to our local boosters who have been yearning for professional basketball since, well, forever.

From Broken Sidewalk:

While I can’t admit to knowing the details on the ground in Sacramento, it sounds like the team hasn’t grown deep roots. And judging from the comments on that article, the people of Sacramento don’t seem all that upset about possible losing their team.


Louisville has long aspired to joining the ranks of the NBA-enabled but with disastrous results each time as team after team passed up the River City for the likes of Memphis and New Orleans.  Attorney J. Bruce Miller, who was close to previous NBA-attainment-effort, details his experiences in his book Airball: The Complete and Unvarnished Account of Louisville’s 30-Year Odyssey to Acquire an NBA Franchise, an authoritative read on the subject.

Many have speculated that, with the opening of a new arena built to top-of-the-line NBA standards, Louisville would again pursue its big-league dreams, but community leaders have also reassured the community that the case was closed and the KFC Yum! Center is only for the University of Louisville.

Our very own c d kaplan has pointed out that the Kings would be a favorite for Kentuckiana basketball fans, considering that former University of Kentucky basketball player DeMarcus Cousins and former U of L baller Francisco Garcia both play for the team.

Still, don’t hold your breath. We’ve been down this road before. And back in 2008, Jim Host, chairman of the Arena Authority, told LEO Weekly it was unlikely an NBA team would consider relocating to Louisville because U of L will have scheduling priority at the new arena.

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