Fischer unveils transition team

A week after winning a close election, mayor-elect Greg Fischer introduced a diverse group of civic, business and community leaders who will oversee his transition before he takes office. The 41-member team will be led by state Rep. Ron Weston, D-Louisville, who was the first president of the Metro Council and is set to retire at the end of the year.

“We want to focus on quality, we want to focus on bringing some fresh and new faces as well,” says Fischer. “We’ll get a better sense of that over the next month.”

The team will work with outgoing Mayor Jerry Abramson’s administration leading up to Fischer’s inauguration on Jan. 3, and more members will be added to the team over the next two months.

The team members do represent some new faces coming to Metro government, but some old ones too. It already includes one of Abramson’s senior advisers and two members of the bi-state bridges authority. And other familiar names such as two of the group’s vice-chairs: Merv Aubespin, a retired associate editor of The Courier-Journal, and Doug Cobb, a Louisville businessman and former president of Greater Louisville Inc.

At the press conference, Fischer said he is interested in hiring the best people in his administration to create a world-class city government and he wants citizens to help him identify that talent. One of the team’s jobs will be to help Fischer decide which department heads to keep in his administration and who to appoint in any vacant positions.

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  1. Puhn Tang
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    Why do I suddenly have the urge to go to Wild and Wooly and rent Groundhog Day? Yet another reason to drink.