McConnell’s earmarks buoy “shabby” Possibility City

Father Mitch! In our greatest time of need — e.g., when heathen liberal publications like the Washington Post describe our state’s flagship downtown as “shabby” and not unlike certain set pieces in the film “Escape from New York” — please, do not forsake the healing powers of your earmarks:

..the downtown of Kentucky’s largest city also has a spectacular redeveloped waterfront featuring bike paths and open vistas, the spanking-new KFC Yum! sports arena, and a medical complex of several hospitals that employ nearly 20,000 people, treat tens of thousands and conduct cutting-edge research.

He has driven $62.4 million in federal funding to this city in the past three years, the largest chunk by locale of the $458 million that he earmarked from 2008 through 2010, according to data tallied by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Seeking reelection in 2008, he ran ads that bragged about the bacon he brought home, and the numbers flashed on the screen: $280 million for universities, $70 million to fight crime, $1 billion for parks and conservation.

Days before the election, McConnell shrewdly announced that he had secured $75 million to build a new Veterans Affairs hospital in Louisville. After he won, he told reporters that the strategy helped him survive that year’s Democratic wave.

More importantly: How can we ensure that Kentucky will witness the construction of a Noah’s Ark-themed amusement park if you go around saying stuff like this:

Banning earmarks is another small but important symbolic step we can take to show that we’re serious, another step on the way to serious and sustained cuts in spending and to the debt.

Earlier this month voters across the country said they are counting on Republicans to make tough decisions. They gave us a second chance. With this decision, I’m telling them that they were right to put their trust in us. And it’s my fervent hope that it will help demonstrate to the American people in some way just how serious Republicans are about not letting them down.

If the Yum! Center tanks, who else will bail us out but you?

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