Fischer to audit public works, retain most employees

The city’s department of public works will undergo an extensive, top-to-bottom review to insure it is operating effectively, said Mayor-Elect Greg Fischer, adding that he is ready to take office. The review will examine the agency’s leadership, management style and structure while soliciting recommendations from employees for making improvements in work processes.

“Public Works, perhaps more than any other city department, has a direct and daily impact on people’s lives because it picks up the trash and recycling, fills potholes and maintains and paves streets,” Fischer said in a news release. “I want to make sure the citizens are getting the best services for their tax dollars. I also want to examine the best practices around the country to see how other cities structure and mange their Public Works departments.”

For the past year and a half the department has been entangled in an ongoing “whistleblower” lawsuit filed by an employee who alleges that he was suspended for complaining about supposed mismanagement and financial waste in the department.

The audit ordered by Fischer will be led by Dave Vogel, who currently serves as Vice President of Customer Service Distribution Operations for the Louisville Water Company. Vogel will be working with the Fischer administration for up to six months while he and his team conduct the review.

Public Works Director Ted Pullen will remain in his role while the review is being conducted.

Fischer also announced that he will conduct a national search for new directors in the Department of Public Health & Wellness and Metro Animal Service, reiterated his decision to keep Police Chief Robert White, and that his transition team is looking to find a new leader for the city’s Economic Development Department.

Retaining the bulk of the Abramson administration, the mayor-elect has rounded out his administration by keeping the remaining departments heads, assistant directors and executive assistants in their current roles, including most of the existing personnel in the Mayor’s Office who were not affected by last week’s personnel announcements.

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  1. R. U. Kiddn
    Posted December 19, 2010 at 9:26 am | Permalink

    This is ridiculious, the most corrupt department in metro and no changes?! can i have my vote back?!