Real Paultards of D.C.

The news that Kentucky Sen.-elect Rand Paul is moving in a condo with his father, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, sounds like a plot for a situation comedy or reality TV show, but the two will in fact be “roomies” when the 112th Congress convenes.

From WLKY:

“I think we’ll get along well. In fact, I lived with my father in the summer some when he was in Congress and I was in high school. So, it won’t be the first time we’ve actually shared the condo, but I think he scratched his head a little bit when he found out his 47-year-old son was coming back to live with him,” Rand Paul said.

Seriously, Bravo needs to film their days in Congress and include the nightly debates between the 75-year-old libertarian and his 47-year-old tea party offspring.

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