Monthly Archives: February 2011

Mohler rails against DOMA repeal, reality

Yoga-hating, empty womb-loathing Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler made a special guest appearance on today’s installment of Focus on the Family’s propaganda broadcast radio show to assail the Obama Administration for declaring the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional. “This administration has been very pro gay rights,” Mohler said, calling the DOMA repeal “a […]

EXCLUSIVE: LEO interviews Watson

In the current issue of LEO Weekly, columnist Joe Manning recently conducted a face-to-monitor interview with IBM Supercomputer and Jeopardy! champion Watson. In it, man and machine touch upon some timeless (and timely) topics, such as political disenchantment, the obsolescence of people and the buildings they have erected. A glimpse of the singularity, after the jump.

Beshear urges Florida governor to save anti-’pill mill’ system

Believing a monitoring system could help clog up the illegal prescription drug pipeline between Kentucky and Florida, Gov. Steve Beshear sent a letter to Florida Gov. Rick Scott that asks him to reconsider a decision to cancel a state drug-monitoring program. “I implore you to reconsider your decision, and implement this life-saving program,” Beshear wrote. […]

In defense of Kentucky mountains

A few days after hundreds of protestors marched on the state capitol and camped out at Gov. Steve Beshear’s capitol office in a demonstration against mountaintop removal, members of Congress passed a spending bill that significantly weakens the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate the mining practice. The legislation cuts $61 billion from the federal […]

Louisville Magazine editor resigns

After more than a decade, Bruce Allar is stepping down as editor-in-chief of Louisville Magazine effective Feb. 18 to take over the planning duties at the International Pizza Expo. Earlier today, the magazine posted a listing to fill the position that includes overseeing the six member editorial staff and several freelance writers. “Anytime you lose […]

Ackerson to question Derby Festival officials

Later today, Derby Festival President and CEO Mike Berry will appear before the Metro Council’s Parks, Libraries, Zoo and Cultural Assets Committee to discuss the decision to charge for seating at Waterfront Park during Thunder Over Louisville. As LEO Weekly reported earlier this week, Councilman Brent Ackerson, D-26, is troubled by the change and has […]

Big Four Bridge set for completion

In a project that officials say will further unite the region, the governors of Kentucky and Indiana announced that along with the city of Jeffersonville, the two states will allocate $22 million to complete the Big Four Bridge pedestrian and bicycle pathway to link Louisville and Southern Indiana. The agreement will turn the unused and […]

Notes from the Jefferson County GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner (UPDATE)

Despite LEO Weekly’s last appearance at the Jefferson County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner being something of a bust, we decided that we’d brave it once more in the interest of parroting the speeches of rich white people to ye, the sweaty huddled Internet-having masses. And what did we find? About 350 state GOP foot […]

Ackerson troubled by Thunder seating change

The Derby Festival’s decision to charge for seating at Waterfront Park during Thunder Over Louisville doesn’t sit well with at least one city lawmaker, who believes the change will keep working families from attending. A week ago, festival officials announced that for the first time ever attendees must purchase a $4 Pegasus Pin to enter […]

Fleming’s wishful thinking

At the annual Jefferson County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, Metro Councilman Ken Fleming, R-7, called for the GOP to take control of the city legislature in 2012. Since city and county governments merged in 2003, however, Republicans have had a fleeting minority coming no closer than a 15-11 margin. In 2011, Democrats increased their […]