Monthly Archives: March 2011

Mitch McConnell wants you to drink mercury and breathe sulfur dioxide to “create new jobs”

While much of the mainstream media has been slobbering over Sen. Rand Paul’s Fake-Presidential Campaign & Book-Hawking Tour 2011, his reptoid counterpart in the senate, Mitch McConnell, has been working tirelessly to pass amendments to the Clean Air Act in order to make the air we breathe dirtier, more dangerous and more akin to his […]

UPS cargo plane ships fake wedding cake bomb from London to Istanbul

Say what you want, but at least Big Brown knows how to move a package. MSN India reports that a UPS cargo plane successfully shipped what authorities have described as a fake bomb disguised as a wedding cake, all the way from foggy London to not-so-foggy Istanbul. The device traveled undetected to Istanbul on a […]

The war you forgot about

While you were enjoying your regularly scheduled state-supported bread and circuses over the weekend, the filthy liberal publication known as Rolling Stone published a story about the state-supported killing spree otherwise known as “The War in Afghanistan.” RS reporter Mark Boal tells of U.S. soldiers killing teenage Afghani civilians for fun and collecting trophies from […]

“Family friendly” Christian groups pressure Louisville strip clubs to nix billboards

Reeling from the effects of the recently enacted adult entertainment ordinance — which effectively prohibits nudity, alcohol, lap dances and anything resembling fun within strip clubs across the city — the owner of one Louisville strip club is getting hounded by a coalition of right-wing Christian “family values” groups to drop their billboard advertising because it erodes […]

City warned of possible JBS Swift ammonia leak days in advance

A letter from Butchertown residents to the city’s Air Pollution Control District illustrates concerns over hazardous chemical leakage at JBS Swift’s Story Avenue meat-processing plant, which today suffered a Level 2 hazmat-grade ammonia leak that has thus far hospitalized one, closed roads and prompted the city to advise nearby residents to stay indoors. Composed by […]

UPDATE: Fox to step down as LMAS interim director, audit to be released soon

UPDATE: The Mayor’s office has confirmed that Debbie Fox will be stepping down as interim director of Louisville Metro Animal Services in April and will exclusively return to her post at MetroSafe effective “sometime in April.” “This was part of the original plan,” says Rebecca Flesichaker, spokeswoman for Mayor Greg Fischer. “She was not supposed […]

Mayor Fischer lambasted by Rubbertown resident

Hours after a deadly explosion rocked the Carbide Industries plant in Louisville’s toxic Rubbertown neighborhood, longtime environmental justice activist Eboni Cochran happened to share her thoughts on the incident with Mayor Greg Fischer, who appears to be stricken with some kind of paralyzing nerve disease as Cochran lays into him in the video below (courtesy […]

Dragon King’s Daughter to hold fundraiser to aid earthquake-stricken Japan

In an unprecedented act of charity, the locally owned (and imminently delicious) Dragon King’s Daughter restaurant on Bardstown Road will donate all of its proceeds from Tuesday, March 22, to aid relief efforts in earthquake/tsunami stricken-Japan. “I’m from Osaka,” owner Toki Masubuchi tells LEO. “I experienced the earthquake in ’95. So to me, it doesn’t feel like […]

Yarmuth proposes sensible taxation to alleviate debt crisis, inequality (UPDATE)

Proving yet again that he’s one of the few members of Congress equipped to confront the nation’s fiscal crisis with novel reality-based solutions, Louisville Rep. John Yarmuth, D-3, today introduced the Fairness in Taxation Act, which would, if enacted this year, generate more than $78 billion in revenue by equitably spreading the tax burden to […]

SouthComm acquires Kansas City’s The Pitch

SouthComm, Inc. — owner of LEO Weekly, NFocus, the Nashville Scene and other publications — has purchased the Kansas City-based The Pitch from Village Voice Media for an undisclosed sum, according to a press statement released today. “I’m pleased to welcome another alt-weekly to the SouthComm family,” CEO Chris Ferrell said. “Kansas City is a great place […]