David Williams ♥’s Frank Simon (and vice versa)

While you were out this weekend abusing the god-given liberty that god, uh, gave you, Frank Simon was holding an American Family Association party for the state’s GOP candidates, some of whom exhibit signs of fetal alcohol syndrome.

You guys remember Frank Simon, don’t you? That loveable wrinkly old man who hates the gays with the fury of a thousand self-righteous, cognitively dissonant suns? Who pretends to not know what tea-bagging is really all about and lives in an alternate universe wherein Thomas Jefferson never rewrote that musty Christian bible? The dude in the picture dressed like a used car salesman (but who totally wouldn’t sell you a car if you’re gay)?

Well, as it turns out he’s got nothing but love from Republican Senate President David Williams, who really excelled in his bid to out-gross incumbent Gov. Steve Beshear by endorsing a raging bigot like Simon in person this weekend.

Not content with funding the ever-popular bridges authority or meddling with Jefferson County Public Schools’ busing system with unfunded bullshit phantom legislation, it appears Williams, who’s up in his own internal polling, doesn’t even need to shore up the hate vote at the complete expense of Jefferson County and gay people with a functioning memory. Dude just rolls that way.

Here’s some video of the hate/love fest (h/t  Joe Sonka, Barefoot & Progressive).

“A long association,” eh? Sounds kind of like a domestic partnership… at any rate, it reminds me of an old LEO article from September, 1992, aptly titled “Fear & Loathing.” In it, columnist Beverly Spitzer recounts one of the first tumultuous fairness battles outside the pre-merged city’s then-Board of Aldermen.

My fourth grade Sunday School teacher told me that God is everywhere. If it’s true, and He was there on August 25, He must have been appalled…

I glanced further down the sidewalk, at the opponents’ signs… “NO FAIRNESS.” “NO RIGHTS FOR SODOMITES.” And “ROMANS 6:23 — WAGE’S [sic] OF SIN IS DEATH.”

One section of the sidewalk was swarming with people gamely sweating in the sun, their black shirts reading “FAIRNESS — NO MORE, NO LESS.” Just a few steps away, the much cooler City hall also was swarming — with policemen. Although most of the spectators were amendment advocates, there were plenty of opponents, many clutching American flags…

I spotted Frank Simon, one of the self-annointed, sitting in the front row of spectators. He had a unique interpretation of the amendment: “This isn’t about discrimination. It’s about textbooks. It’s about the values our children will learn in school.”

Simon then distributes some tiny American flags to his flock, which Spitzer dutifully notes were “clutched … prayerfully, the fabric hanging limp at the end of their sticks.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

After the ordinance failed to pass the Board of Alderman and TV news crews begin to inaccurately report on the “riot ready” crowd, Spitzer spots Simon once more:

I walked over to the cordon and scanned the opponents. Simon was clutching a cluster of miniature flags and grinning. There were cheers and hymns. But what stood out were the waving signs: “GOD IS NOT GAY.” “REMEMBER SODOM AND GOMMORAH.” All the hate and hurt was on their side, yet they had cast the amendment advocates as demons.

Demons, indeed.

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