Allegations against Councilwoman Green mount

After LEO Weekly outlined a number of troubling allegations levied against Metro Councilwoman Judy Green, D-1, in a Metro Police investigation, The Courier-Journal reveals new allegations against the embattled city lawmaker that brings more attention to an upcoming ethics hearing and the entire council’s discretionary spending.

On Sunday, the newspaper ran a story that implicates Green in rerouting discretionary grant money against council rules through a local organization.

The group confirmed that Green’s office instructed them to ask for money than they needed in order to spend the additional funding elsewhere.

From The C-J:

Two years ago, Louisville Metro Councilwoman Judy Green filed a seemingly routine ordinance with the council to give $7,500 from her office discretionary funds to the nonprofit group 100 Black Men of Louisville, so it could hire speakers for a mentoring program.

But Green had other plans for some of the money.

According to police files and people interviewed by The Courier-Journal, the councilwoman made a side agreement with 100 Black Men so it would ask for more money than needed and reroute $2,400 for other purposes at Green’s request — including youth football banquets and buying 10 tickets for a Kentucky Derby fundraiser.


The arrangement circumvented council rules for handling appropriations from its Neighborhood Development Fund, and it may have breached ethical standards set for council members. It was one of several accusations made against Green in hundreds of pages of police investigative files recently made public.

The council rules clearly state that any city dollars that go to an organization must each have a separate application process and according to the C-J, no documents related to the 100 Black Men grant say the money was to be shared with other organizations.

During the interview, Green blamed her former legislative aide, Melody Hill, for the mistake, saying she took training on Neighborhood Discretionary Fund appropriations and told the councilwoman that the arrangement was proper. In the police report, however, Hill told investigators that she only picked up the paperwork for the grant applications.

Before 2011, Green served on the appropriations committee for two years.

“It was made clear upfront that some of the money would be redirected,” Rob Jordan, president of 100 Black Men told The Courier-Journal. “(A)nd that (Green’s office) would tell us where to redirect it.”

The controversy surrounding 100 Black Men is one of several allegations made against Green in recent weeks.

Last Wednesday, LEO reported that in the 554-page investigative file, Green’s former and current legislative aide accuse her of an array of sordid deeds, including  accepting a bribe and taking out a credit card in someone else’s name.

During the investigation, police were also the first to highlight Green’s personal financial troubles, which have lingered since she first applied for the council six years ago.

Since that story broke, Green has denied those allegations calling the issue a “political witch hunt” led by a former opponent and brought by disgruntled employees.

Although police found the “appearance that criminal activity could have been taking place” — they even urged one of her aides to file charges — investigators determined there was insufficient evidence to pursue a case and no criminal charges were filed.

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