Monthly Archives: April 2011

May Day rally set for downtown Louisville

This weekend, we strongly urge you to get out and enjoy the weather by attending the massive May Day celebrations being held Sunday at downtown’s Jefferson Square Park, starting at 3 p.m., to maybe tacitly show the Scott “Koch whore” Walkers and Rick “OCP” Snyders of the world that we’re mad as hell and we’re […]

Moffett equates abortion with “murder,” Williams “100 percent pro-life”

(File under “Obvious.”) In an effort to move to the right of already-right wing Kentucky Senate President and GOP gubernatorial front-runner David Williams, likely-to-lose Kentucky Tea Party gubernatorial candidate and Louisville businessman Phil Moffett exhibited a characteristic nuance and appreciation of women’s rights and the difficulty of terminating a pregnancy by equating abortion with murder […]

Great Moments in Cognitive Dissonance: Ken Ham

Ken “Honeybaked” Ham, the intellectual child abuser and president of fundamentalist nonprofit Answers in Genesis (AiG) — which preaches to mentally defenseless children the empirically false idea that dinosaurs and humans lived together just a couple thousand years ago and that gay people can’t share food with straight people — released a fundraising letter Monday that is (shockingly) […]

DBCC senior minister rebukes Mohler

After criticizing the Highlands-based Douglas Boulevard Christian Church’s (DBCC) equality-minded decision to end the practice of issuing civil marriage licences so long as non-heterosexuals are prohibited from marrying, ridiculous 19th century man and Southern Theological Baptist Seminary President Albert “God thinks torture is OK” Moheler has been rebuked by the DBCC’s  senior minister, Rev. Derek Penwell. Writing […]

LG&E, KU to switch to natural gas? Not if the Kentucky Coal Association can help it.

According to an article in The Courier-Journal, the answer is “don’t hold your breath.” Three Kentucky coal-fired plants operated by the PPL-owned utilities are slated to convert to natural gas within five years, including LG&E’s Cane Run Road plant, which currently spews over 4.5 million pounds of climate-change-causing, human life-imparing chemicals into the atmosphere annually. […]

Equality-minded Highlands church makes waves on Internet

The story of Douglas Boulevard Disciples of Christ Church’s decision to promote marriage equality is blowing up on the Internet. An article by the Courier-Journal’s Peter Smith detailing the church’s decision to stop issuing marriage licenses so long as same-sex couples cannot marry has made the front page of the LOLcat-friendly website Reddit, so it appears Kentucky is […]

Louisville church adopts pro-same-sex marriage policy

The congregation of the Douglas Boulevard Disciples of Christ Church unanimously voted Sunday to end the practice of issuing marriage licences to heterosexual couples so long as same-sex couples are legally prohibited from marrying. Via WHAS-11: “As an Open and Affirming Community of Faith (a designation signifying DBCC’s commitment to full acceptance of all people, regardless of race, gender, age, or sexual […]

Fred Thompson to infest Barnstable-Brown Party

While the dreaming Louisville media mindlessly embrace the annual deluge of B, C and D-list celebrities that have come to represent the waning glamor of the Kentucky Derby, there’s one celebrity whose presence threatens to scare the hell out of the Jonas Brothers such that they shall never set foot in the Bluegrass State again. […]

Zoning Commission to hear neighborhood’s complaints over controversial real-estate project

David Nicklies, the former president (and bully?) of the Ohio River Bridges Project shill-group Build the Bridges is likely to get an ear-full tonight from angry residents over his role in a controversial real estate development along Brownsboro Road… assuming, of course, that he shows up. The Louisville Metro Planning and Zoning Commission will hear from […]

“Healthy Hometown” 2011 grant season almost over

Sponsored by the Louisville Center for Health Equity, the 2011 grant season for the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement, which promotes healthy things like riding bikes clad in Speedos and eating non-Yum!-sponsored foods, has just a few days left for new applicants. Via The Healthy Hometown Movement provides annual mini-grants for eligible 501 (c) 3 organizations […]