Councilwoman Green issues statement on LEO fake issue letter

It was only a matter of time before the fabricated content of LEO’s third annual fake issue would solicit a too real response from some corner of this city, but we didn’t expect that embattled Metro Councilwoman Judy Green, D-1, would actually be the one to respond to a fake letter to the editor written in her name.

“I have been made aware of a letter written in the LEO this week that has my name attached to it. While I understand that this is a yearly issue made up of false stories as part of an April Fool’s joke, too many people have contacted me believing this letter is authentic and was written by me,” Green said in a non-ironic statement .

“I have not written nor have I instructed anyone to write a letter that is critical of the paper or any of its current or former reporters,” she continued. “While I can understand the spirit of the ‘Fake’ issue, I hope that in the future the publication will give serious thought to its choice of words with regard to current events because sometimes the public does not get the joke.”

Here’s the “letter” in question:

Scum is the Word

In response to former LEO reporter and scum-of-the-earth Phillip M. Bailey’s sensationalist attack on a sitting councilperson (“It’s not easy being Green,” March 2, 2011), I can honestly say I’ve never read a more factually inaccurate and falsehood-ridden “news” story in my life. That LEO would even print it reflects a sad state of affairs for the “profession” of journalism, and further, it represents the worst kind of black-on-black reportage that will set the modern civil rights movement back 200 years. Shame on you, asshole! I can only hope the powers-that-be at your new place of employment, WFPL, keep you under better control.

Councilwoman Judy Green, West Louisville

At the risk of rendering the humor of the above letter moot as a result of over-analyzing why it’s funny, it should be known that Green levied a series of insults at Bailey following the publication of an investigative report on her alleged misappropriation of city funds, and indeed called him “scum” in public.

In other news, we hate to think what would happen if we didn’t emblazon the word “FAKE” on the front cover. Oh, well…

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