Yarmuth trounces GOP’s death-budget

A major tip o’ the cap to Barefoot & Progressive for this footage of Louisville 3rd District Rep. John Yarmuth dispensing with the awesome.

In today’s episode, Yarmuth chastises the Republican Party’s hideous “budget plan,” which amounts to an egregious heist of wealth from the 98 percent of Americans by the top two percent, who are currently wondering whether to line their hot tubs with platinum or the more cost-effective gold.

And here’s the awesome money quote:

What we have seen here under the Ryan budget is a proposal that, over the next ten years, will reduce taxes for the wealthiest two percent of Americans by $807 billion, at the same time … cutting Medicaid by a trillion dollars, cutting education funding, cutting research and development, cutting support programs for low-income seniors and lower income families with children: all of the things that reflect well on our values as a nation.

They don’t ask the wealithiest to pay a penny. They maintain all of  the tax breaks for the oil companies in spitr eof the fatc that they ave made 900 billion in profit over the last decade. They have maintained all the tax expenditures which amount to a trillion dollars a year… if these were actually recorded on the budget as government programs, Republicans would howl about, but since they’re through the tax code and benefit, again, their major supporters and the wealthiest americans, they’re fine.

Those tax expenditures alone amount to almost all of discretionary spending in the budget including defense. They don’t touch any of thouse.

This is the most imbalanced, reckless budget that has been offered in modern history. It exacts a high price on virtually all Americans except the wealthiest.

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