Fred Thompson to infest Barnstable-Brown Party

While the dreaming Louisville media mindlessly embrace the annual deluge of B, C and D-list celebrities that have come to represent the waning glamor of the Kentucky Derby, there’s one celebrity whose presence threatens to scare the hell out of the Jonas Brothers such that they shall never set foot in the Bluegrass State again.

That celebrity?

Fred Thompson: Former Republican senator from the great state of Tennessee, horrible actor on Law & Order “SVU” and failed 2008 presidential candidate whose only contribution to the national discourse was confusing the Soviet Union and Russia, which 95% of Americans do every day.

Here is what he looks like:

No Jonas Brother can withstand this.

As the Courier-Journal reports, the dude is slated to crash the Barnstable Brown party this year, so, consider this a public service announcement of sorts: If someone as corrupt as Richard Nixon could tell that the mentally challenged Thompson would ruin his party, then why wouldn’t he ruin ours?


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