DBCC senior minister rebukes Mohler

After criticizing the Highlands-based Douglas Boulevard Christian Church’s (DBCC) equality-minded decision to end the practice of issuing civil marriage licences so long as non-heterosexuals are prohibited from marrying, ridiculous 19th century man and Southern Theological Baptist Seminary President Albert “God thinks torture is OK” Moheler has been rebuked by the DBCC’s  senior minister, Rev. Derek Penwell.

Writing on his blog, Penwell politely noted Mohler’s hypocrisies:

The implications of our disagreement concerns more than just words, but I’ll offer a few words of my own as an initial response.

The tone of Dr. Mohler’s commentary, while generally fair, veers into dismissiveness when taking an apparent shot at the size of DBCC’s membership.

Indeed, Penwell quotes a passage of Mohler’s screed in which the latter makes claims about DBCC’s congregation size despite never once actually setting foot inside of DBCC because some people are too busy hating yoga and empty wombs to be bothered. (We wish we were kidding)

Via Mohler:

For many years, I have driven by this church in its present location. The congregation was once much larger, with many families attending. This article indicates that the congregation has followed the trajectory of liberal Protestantism right down to the dwindling numbers of both worshipers and weddings from within the congregation.

What’s that, again, about glass houses, stones and velocity? Writes Penwell:

Dr. Mohler’s linking of liberal and decline conveniently ignores a particularly important statistic concerning his own denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, which has experienced a consistent decline of its own since 2007.  I raise this issue not necessarily to denigrate the efforts of my brothers and sisters who happen to be Southern Baptist, but to draw attention to, what I take to be, the faulty premise of drawing a bright line of cause and effect between liberal and decline.  As the membership decline among the traditionally conservative Southern Baptists indicates, there’s more to decline than liberal theology.

Penwell proceeds to eviscerate Mohler’s faulty arguments in the most polite of fashions, which you can read here.

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