Moffett equates abortion with “murder,” Williams “100 percent pro-life”

(File under “Obvious.”)

In an effort to move to the right of already-right wing Kentucky Senate President and GOP gubernatorial front-runner David Williams, likely-to-lose Kentucky Tea Party gubernatorial candidate and Louisville businessman Phil Moffett exhibited a characteristic nuance and appreciation of women’s rights and the difficulty of terminating a pregnancy by equating abortion with murder in an interview with the Associated Press.

In a response to the (AP) questionnaire, Williams boasted that he is “100 percent pro-life.”

“I have a long record of fighting for pro-life legislation in the Kentucky state senate, and our ticket proudly touts the endorsement of Kentucky Right to Life,” he said. “We believe that all life is precious and that every baby deserves a chance.”

Williams and Moffett were each endorsed by Northern Kentucky Right to Life.

Moffett, better known for his fiscal conservatism, shows the colors of a social conservative on the abortion issue.

“Human life begins at conception and a fetus is as human as a toddler,” Moffett said, responding to the AP questionnaire. “No one would seek a special exemption to murder a toddler, so there should be no special exemptions for murdering a human fetus.”

Interestingly, both wealthy white men (including incumbent Gov. Steve “Get off our backs!” Beshear) have no problem with mountaintop removal mining and the coal industry in general, which is responsible for more deaths worldwide than any abortion clinic  could ever dream of, assuming you’re equating it with murder.

Moffett referred to the procedure as “mountaintop development” in response to a questionnaire from The Associated Press, suggesting that it creates flat land that can be used for commercial purposes. Williams promised to stand up to federal environmental regulators whom he accused of trying to shut down mining in Kentucky. [Forbes]

Ah, what vision!

According to a recent Bluegrass poll, Williams trounces Moffett 49-14.

Hilariously, in the same AP article, gubernatorial candidate, Jefferson County Clerk and Ritalin-addicted Paula Deen lookalike Bobby Holsclaw — who possesses a vagina — is anti-women’s rights, as well.

Although Holsclaw didn’t get an endorsement from the two anti-abortion groups, the Louisville conservative is a vocal opponent.

“I am staunchly pro-life and would only favor a very limited exception for abortion, primarily if the life of the mother was truly in danger,” Holsclaw said.

Holsclaw, bless her heart, is polling at 12 percent.

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  1. What?
    Posted April 29, 2011 at 2:39 pm | Permalink

    What’s her vagina have to do with it? And why would you ever mention a candidate’s vagina?

    I get that she’s a woman (and, what, should know better? by your implication) — but you made that pretty clear with the Paula Deen bit.

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