Monthly Archives: May 2011

Two suspected terrorists arrested in Bowling Green

Well, this is kind of interesting: LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) — Two Iraqi citizens in Bowling Green, Ky. face federal terrorism charges, with one accused of carrying out several attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and the other said to have participated in the insurgency there. 30-year-old Waad Ramadan Alwan is charged with conspiring to kill Americans, give […]

Eggheads provide six solutions to debt crisis

As politicians engage in “debates” over how worst to address the nation’s ballooning debt (the hideous Ryan death budget, which will effectively end Medicare as we know it, being the most egregious offender), six think-tanks have provided prospective road maps to fiscal solvency which appear to buck conventional Beltway wisdom. Commissioned by the redundantly titled Peter G. […]

Galbraith smacks Beshear and Williams, gins up fundraising drive

(Well, not literally smacks; however, the first rule of Fancy Farm is, uh …) Those of you unfamiliar with “perennial Kentucky political candidate” Gatewood Galbraith would be wise to watch the following interview wherein Galbraith — who is running as an independent candidate in this year’s Barn Burnin’ Electoral Hootenanny gubernatorial election against incumbent Democratic Governor […]

2010 Homeless Numbers Out

Last year 9,130 different men and women showed up at shelters, feedings and other homeless service agencies.  This is roughly 200 people less than 2009. If that sounds like a lot, it is. Mary Frances Schafer with the Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. says the feds are surprised that a city of this size has […]

Fischer unveils 2011-2012 budget

Seated at the head of a massive conference table outside of his office in Metro Hall, Mayor Greg Fischer briefed assembled members of the press on the city’s fiscal year 2011-2012 budget, detailing “creative” ways in which his administration intends to plug a projected $22.5 million fiscal hole, as well as unveiling new investment initiatives and details […]

The Chart of Doom

With the Senate poised to vote on a handful of separate budget proposals this evening (including the infamous Ryan-Rogers death-budget), we’d be remiss if we didn’t put that into context as it relates to the massive debt that threatens to default this country like a homeowner with a fraudulent Wall Street-cooked mortgage. So … is […]

Limited abortion access cost Kentucky taxpayers $248 million in 2006, study says

Try as our legislators might to scare already-scared women into forgoing a safe, legal route of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, Frankfort’s Fetus Police may perpetually fail in their quest to relegate abortions into the commonwealth’s hollers and back alleys … but they have managed to succeed at one thing, at least: Racking up hundreds of […]

Sheppard Square Being Razed

This afternoon, Mayor Greg Fischer made a big announcement on his Facebook page: The city has been awarded  a $22 million grant to raze the historic housing complex, Sheppard Square, located in the city’s Smoketown neighborhood. The money will go towards building a new mixed-income neighborhood a la Park DuValle and Liberty Green as a […]

Coal + Classrooms = Propaganda

So it appears the American Coal Federation has taken an interest in molding young minds, specifically educating them to all the wonders and benefits of coal.  Shocking. This article published in Mother Jones explains the questionable partnership between the ACF and the largest publisher of children’s books, Scholastic. ACF created fourth grade lesson plans that […]

A note on today’s primaries…

If you have yet to exercise your oligarchic democratic privilege right to vote in today’s primary, then please, by all means, do so, and do not forget: It’s your duty as a tool of the bourgeois and ruling classes patriotic American citizen to do so. Just a reminder: The polls close (and alcohol flows) at 6 p.m., so hurry […]