Don’t drink the water

Unless, of course, you boil it first. Or you’re the mayor.

The water main break that flooded the University of Louisville Belknap campus on Monday was followed by a boil water advisory issued by the Louisville Water Company, which is common practice whenever a potable water supply is exposed to subterranean contaminants such as lawn chemicals, errant bacteria or pesky Crab People.

That advisory remains in effect as of today for the noose-shaped region of Shelby/Preston Streets to the west, Poplar Level Road to the east and the Watterson Expressway (I-264) to the south. (Click here for a PDF version of said map)

However, according to the Facebook account of Mayor Greg Fischer, the advisory has been lifted for that very area, which is, well… wrong.

Per the Louisville Courant’s reporting, a screenshot of Fischer’s Facebook page reveals that the operator of the mayor’s account erroneously informed a resident of the Schnitzelburg neighborhood earlier today that the advisory had been lifted for her nabe when it, in fact, had not.

While not on the scale of, say, an Anthony Weiner-grade faux pas, the dissemination of misinformation from a public official to a constituency is actually enhanced by the very social media technology the former claims to embrace in the name of transparency. Compunding the issue is the obvious health factor — the mayor’s office giving advice that could lead to health risks — but so far nobody’s fallen ill with a case of Crab People. (Not yet, anyway…)