Beshear rolls out new wave of TV ads

One week after a Republican Governors Association front group went on the air in Kentucky with ads depicting our economy as a nightmare and David Williams as its solution, today sees Steve Beshear countering with two ads touting himself as Mr. Jobs Jobs Jobs. Via cn|2, here they are:

The first ad includes Jerry Abramson’s first speaking role in an advertisement so far, as well as a bizarre and inexplicable split screen handshake at the end. Oh, and did Steve mention jobs at all? Yeah, a few times. Expect to get used to that. Say what you want about Steve Beshear, but the man knows how to stay on message (the majority of his campaign website consists of press clips over the past three years touting new jobs, though none of the layoffs, of course).

At least you’ll have another three weeks or so until Fancy Farm, after which your television set will be a constant three-month blaze of hyper-negative ads coming from both sides.

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  1. Kelly
    Posted July 18, 2011 at 3:07 pm | Permalink

    Welcome to Louisville Joe, it’s a really great city, most of the time.