Williams outraged that Beshear gets a chopper and he doesn’t

David Williams is so steamed that he was stuck in traffic and missed the NASCAR race last weekend that he decided to make an ad about it. Via Mr. Gerth, here is the RPK’s “web exclusive” ad:

As you can clearly see from the ad, Steve Beshear:

- Sipped champagne and sparkled his gold tooth while flying to the Final Four

- Signed a $20 million check to NASCAR for “personal use”

- Caused people with giant heads sticking out of the roof of their cars to make angry and sad faces while stuck in traffic

- “Manage(d) the NASCAR race,” which I guess is a requirement of the governor in our state constitution along with never fighting in a duel

And most egregiously:

- Choppered into the race in fabulous fashion while Williams and his, uh, head, were forced to wait in traffic with the rest of the rabble

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Williams, this devastating ad will only be seen on the Internets, as his campaign doesn’t have nearly enough money to compete toe-to-toe with Beshear on the air this early. But that’s what’s Super PACs and Citizen’s United are for. Democracy is still safe, don’t worry.

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  1. Robert Kahne
    Posted July 18, 2011 at 11:12 pm | Permalink

    Is that the same music from the Enzyte “Natural Male Enhancement” commercial? There has to be a joke there, somewhere. I trust you to find it, Mr. Czech.

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