Out of respect for life, Ben Chandler sticks it to poor starving children in Africa

Democrats in Louisville living under the Reign of Yarmuth might not realize what it’s like to live in Central Kentucky and be represented in Congress by a real live Blue Dog Democrat.

Well, it goes a little something like this:

Republicans in the House Foreign Affairs Committee tried to reinstitute the Global Gag Rule today, which prevents any money from going to international health care or poverty-fighting organizations if they promote (yes, even talk about) abortion in any way. And they succeeded, with the help of one “pro-choice” congressman: Ben Chandler.

[Howard Berman's (D-CA)] amendment failed by a 17-25 vote that played out largely along party lines. Only one Democrat broke ranks, Rep. Ben Chandler (D-KY). The Ros-Lehtinen language is actually an expansion of the policy as it existed during the Bush administration because it would ban all funding for organizations that discuss abortion and not make exceptions for certain programs such as HIV/AIDS funding. Bush made allowances for HIV/AIDS programs to receive funding even within organizations that were affected by the policy.

“The provision included in this bill is far more extreme than the Global Gag Rule policy that was implemented under Presidents Reagan, George Bush, or George W. Bush,” said Berman. “It bars ALL assistance to local health care providers in poor countries – including HIV/AIDS funding, water and sanitation, child survival, and education. In the name of ‘right to life,’ the majority is cutting off funds that are literally saving hundreds of thousands of lives.”

Congressman Chandler’s office was not immediately available for comment.

Yes, we’re as curious as you are.

(h/t Mr. Schankula at B&P)

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