Campaign manager for David Williams exits stage left

One of the rumors swirling around today turns out to be true. As recent polls show him dropping further behind Steve Beshear, David Williams’ campaign just released a statement saying campaign manager Luke Marchant is leaving the campaign to pursue other “career opportunities.” Here is the statement from campaign chairman MG (Ret.) Donald Storm:

“Luke had some professional opportunities he wanted to pursue and we wish him all the best. Although he is no longer the day-to-day manager he will continue to be available to the campaign for consultation. There are no other staffing changes, and David and Richie continue with an excellent team of people who are executing an aggressive grassroots and fundraising operation that will carry them to victory come November.

“Sen. Williams is looking forward to next week’s forum in Louisville where he will discuss his positive ideas for the future, and where Steve Beshear is apparently going to be a no-show.”

Marchant became campaign manager just after Williams’ tighter-than-expected primary victory in May. He previously worked for now-Sen. Marco Rubio in Florida.

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