Ken Ham sends his flying monkeys to attack David Williams

My goodness. Who could have ever foreseen this? It appears that world-renowned Flintstone Truther Ken Ham was miffed by LEO Weekly’s reporting that GOP gubernatorial candidate David Williams says Ark Encounter will never actually be built, and that he doesn’t have 100 percent certainty that a 600-year old man herded T-Rexes onto a giant boat a few thousand years ago.

This morning, Ken Ham struck back against the secular machine on his Facebook page, linking to LEO Weekly and wagging his finger at the secular progressive questioner of God’s true Word that is David Williams:

“I know one has to be very careful believing what is written in news reports these days–but it would seem that Gov. Beshear’s republican opponent has made negative comments about the Ark Encounter (unless anyone has information to the contrary??)–sad if true.”

After a commenter writes that this shows you can’t trust a politician to be a real Christian, so to speak, just because they are a Republican, Ken Ham concurs:

“totally agree–we should judge what a person believes against the absolute authority of Scripture and then vote accordingly”

But then again, Ken Ham and some of his commenters are correct to express doubt in the secular Godless media’s account of the story. After all, they believe we came from monkeys! And that dinosaurs never wore saddles. You never know what other filthy God-hating lies they’ll come up with next.

But the real question is: Will Ken Ham come out and openly endorse Steve Beshear? With the polls showing such a wide margin in this race, we can only hope so, at least for entertainment’s sake.

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  1. Hamstur
    Posted August 21, 2011 at 11:37 pm | Permalink

    “world-renowned Flintstone Truther Ken Ham”

    I believe that’s a keeper. Nicely done!