Kentucky’s unemployment rate drops for fifth straight month

In the month of July, Kentucky’s unemployment rate dropped from an awful 9.6 percent to a slightly less awful 9.5 percent. High as it is, this marked the fifth straight month that the unemployment rate dropped — almost a full percent since the start of the year — and the 18th straight month that the number of employed persons rose. So there’s that.

Unfortunately for the gubernatorial candidate who constantly cites Tennessee as a far superior state when it comes to job creation — David Williams — our neighbors to the south saw a slight drop in employment numbers, though the rate remained at 9.8 percent. July also marked the 11th straight month that the unemployment rate in Tennessee either rose or remained the same.

Regardless of those numbers, you can be sure that everywhere David Williams goes on the campaign trail over the next three months, he will continue to cite Tennessee as superior to Kentucky on job creation. Why? It’s honestly a mystery to me…

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