Beshear unveils yet another unchallenged TV ad

With David Williams’ campaign now on its fourth week without television ads to challenge the positive ads from Steve Beshear — and the negative ones by Democratic groups attacking him — Beshear is going up with yet another shiny happy positive ad about his record as governor over the past four years. Here it is, via cn|2:

Public Policy Polling is set to release a new poll from Kentucky tomorrow, the first poll on the race since Survey USA showed Williams getting stomped by 24 percent a month ago. Seeing how Beshear has gone unchallenged on the airwaves over the past month, one would expect that those numbers won’t improve. We’ll see.

Nevertheless, some observers aren’t exactly giving Williams a chance. Larry Sabato, one of the nation’s biggest political wizards/forecasters, gives Williams almost zero chance of making a comeback:

“We’re almost to Labor Day, and we haven’t seen anything to suggest that Williams can win this race,” Sabato said. “He would need something like lightning striking three times in the same place to win. Good luck with that.”

Additionally, Williams has Jim Bunning throwing around his description of him as “difficult to like“, and his campaign chairman using the unfortunate phrase “We’ve just got to hope and pray.”

Most scientific studies show that “hoping and praying” doesn’t work as well for campaigns as spending money on ads and campaign staff. But “prayer” certainly does seem to be a last ditch strategy for Williams.

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