Is Richie Farmer actually hurting Robert Farmer now?

One of the hidden shockers in today’s PPP poll bloodbath of David Williams is how far the good ol’ country boy basketball legend Richie Farmer has fallen. It has always been assumed that Farmer was on the ticket to simply be the smiling mustachioed upper lip that reminded UK fans of the good old days in Rupp Arena, and to balance out David Williams the pit bull at the top of the ticket. I mean, their campaign logo has a friggin’ basketball in it.

Everybody loves Richie, right?

According to the poll, not so much anymore. Farmer has a favorable rating of 29 percent, and an unfavorable rating of 42 percent. Richie’s had a barrage of negative stories in the press over the past few months — and he’s been hanging out with someone who looks to be one of the most unpopular political figures in the state — but that is still rather shocking.

Which brings us to Robert Farmer, the oh-so-not-coincidentally similarly named Democratic nominee for commisioner of agriculture.

He surely won his underfunded primary because his name is “R. Famer” and he’s running for commissioner of agriculture. And it was assumed, despite his embarrassing “redneck” comedy videos that came out after the primary, that he still had a very good chance of beating a solid Republican candidate this fall, simply because of his name. A cn|2 poll had him up by a wide 15 percent margin.

But today’s poll? He’s slipped to 1 percent behind — a 16 point slip over the course of three months — and the only Democrat on the ticket trailing a Republican.

So … is it possible that having the name “R. Farmer” has gone from being a cheap boost for an unqualified comedian to be elected commissioner of agriculture to being an actual weight around his neck?


Strange days, indeed.

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