PPP poll: Beshear stomping Williams by 27, down ballot races are competitive

Public Policy Polling just released their survey on the Kentucky races, and it looks like David Williams is no longer just trying to lose by less than Ernie Fletcher. He’s in Peppy Martin territory.

Here’s the bloody carnage:

Steve Beshear — 55 percent
David Williams — 28 percent
Gatewood Galbraith — 10 percent

Yes, that number you see at the front of Williams’ percent is a “two.” Considering Williams has gone from being down 21, to down 24, to down 27 in the last three polls, we can’t really be certain that he’ll beat Peppy Martin’s 22 percent from 1999 when she was the Republican gubernatorial nominee.


(Oh, and 21 percent have a favorable view of Williams, compared to 57 percent negative. Carnage.)

In races down the ballot, things are surprisingly close, with only Democrats Jack Conway and Todd Hollenbach with comfortable leads. Here they are:

Jack Conway — 47 percent
Todd P’Pool (‘pee pool’) — 36 percent

Adam Edelen — 34
John Kemper — 31

Alison Lundergan Grimes — 38
Bill Johnson — 35

Bob Farmer — 36
James Comer — 37

Todd Hollenbach — 43
KC Crosbie — 28
Ken Moellman — 16

These races appear to be all about name ID right now, which is why Jack Conway has the highest percentage and the rest are fairly even. While Conway is up, the fact that almost everyone knows him and he’s not above 50 percent against a complete unknown has to be a little bit unnerving, though.

Edelen and Grimes are in tighter races than expected, but they’ll be on the air nonstop in the final month against broke candidates, so their situation is probably safer that it appears in this poll.

Farmer vs. Comer? Y’all might want to flip your coin on this one.

And Ken Moellman polling 16 percent is a) bizarre, b) a sign that there’s a libertarian tea party fringe that doesn’t like the Republican Party one bit, and c) Todd Hollenbach is somehow going to serve eight years in a statewide constitutional office.

Odds on whether the RGA/King Coal/Crossroads GPS/Koch Brothers even bother putting up ads for Williams, or just throw in the towel? Actually, they might just cut ads for P’Pool now (seriously).

In the meantime, Peppy Martin is going to be really excited over the next two months, you can be sure of that.

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