Todd P’Pool releases another cop flick movie trailer

Haven’t seen enough of GOP attorney general candidate Todd P’Pool acting like he’s the lead character in an especially bad episode of CSI? Good news, because here’s his new ad hitting the airwaves:

Things I like about this ad:

1. More stoic-faced acting as he limbos the tape in the fake crime scene, only with some cool slow motion this time.

2. A new fake court scene, complete with actors playing a fake bailiff, fake judge and fake jury.

3. The action movie trailer announcer. (awesome)

4. He wants to put corrupt Kentucky politicians in jail who push giant stacks of bills to each other across a table, then fan themselves with it. (no, I seriously like that)

5. Coal miners with dirty faces and “please don’t hurt me Mr. DC bureaucrat” looks.


7. P’Pool striding across a field with his buddies in camo, hunting some critters and varmints.

8. His name is pronounced ‘pee pool’ and is French, I think.

This is the entire November election for Republicans in Kentucky this year, as the broke and near-universally hated David Williams is too busy competing with Peppy Martin for electoral infamy to compete with Steve Beshear for the governor’s mansion.

Even though the PPP poll released yesterday shows him trailing Jack Conway by 11 points right now, two more months full of ads (including the over-the-top negative ones that are going to hit Conway soon) are likely to make this a pretty tight race.

In the meantime, here’s just a subtle suggestion for P’Pool’s media team: CARUSO GLASSES


  1. Ole Scout
    Posted September 4, 2011 at 8:29 am | Permalink

    p’pool is Welsh.
    t’todd is my neighbor in Hopkins County, so I live in Lexington.

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