Monthly Archives: September 2011

Court of Appeals Rules Against JCPS Student Assignment Plan

The next chapter in the ongoing JCPS student-assignment saga (that could arguably date back a couple decades to Brown v. Board of Education) was published today. A ruling by a Kentucky Court of Appeals panel sides with parents who feel it’s their right to have their children attend neighborhood schools, rather than busing them to […]

Rand’s not alone in Kentucky, TV Land…

You might have learned from Rachel Maddow and her guest last night that Rand Paul has taken his hatred of the federal government to a new level this week, as he’s single-handedly blocking an important pipeline safety bill that is supported by Democrats, Republicans, and even the oil, gas and pipeline industries themselves. Out of […]

LEO staff writer chats with Rachel Maddow

LEO Weekly’s own Joe Sonka dominated on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” last night. The segment focused on the fact that Sen. Rand Paul is single-handedly blocking common sense safety measures that would prevent leaky gas lines from resulting in fiery explosions. If you’re in a hurry, skip ahead to 8:15 to catch Sonka (although […]

Shadow Williams group finally puts him on your TV

You probably haven’t seen a David Williams ad on your television set for quite some time (because he has, like, no money, and the Republican Governors Association has given up on him), but that’s about to change, thanks to his step-father the shadow mystery group “Restoring America” pumping in $177,000 worth of ads attacking Steve […]

JCPS internal emails detail teacher shuffle

First, some background. In August, LEO explored Jefferson County Public Schools’ choice to restaff schools as the tool to turnaround low performance. Under the $3.5 billion federal School Improvement Grant program, JCPS has to choose one of four “transformation” models, restaffing being one of them, for struggling schools . It would make sense that in […]

PCIP applicants still lagging in Kentucky

As LEO Weekly reported last month in our story on a Louisville woman being denied health insurance coverage because of her pre-existing condition of being pregnant, Kentucky (and the rest of the country) is having trouble getting people to enroll in its Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, which offers those denied insurance a chance to be […]

Ben Chandler is confused

Last week, Rep. Ben Chandler penned an op-ed decrying burdensome and unnecessary regulation on businesses, adding the caveat that “Many regulations are ones we need, like the kind that prevent toxic chemicals from entering our water supply, but how many are frivolous and overly burdensome?” A few hours later in the day, he voted to […]

Rand Paul defending pipeline companies’ Liberty to blow you up, over their own objections

Sen. Rand Paul is currently giving America yet another lesson in Liberty. This time, it’s not about federal bureaucrats plugging his toilet or how the government should allow businesses to refuse service to people based on the color of their skin, but about how the federal government should not regulate oil and gas pipelines by […]

Williams vs. Gatewood vs. The Invisible Education Governor

KET hosted their first gubernatorial candidate forum last night (on education issues), and the guy that is up by a bazillion percent didn’t bother to show up. David Williams and Gatewood Galbraith spent a good portion of the night tag-teaming the Invisible Education Governor, Steve Beshear, for being a no-show again. And considering the fact […]

Louisville denied Bill O’Reilly and his “truth”

Louisville received some sad news last week, as Bill O’Reilly’s “It’s Time for the Truth” talk at the Kentucky Center was suddenly cancelled, less than two weeks prior to his scheduled Oct. 1 date. While O’Reilly’s PR team says the cancellation is due to a “scheduling conflict,” a representative from the center told WDRB originally […]