Rand’s not alone in Kentucky, TV Land…

You might have learned from Rachel Maddow and her guest last night that Rand Paul has taken his hatred of the federal government to a new level this week, as he’s single-handedly blocking an important pipeline safety bill that is supported by Democrats, Republicans, and even the oil, gas and pipeline industries themselves. Out of “principle,” of course.

While Rand is certainly taking anti-regulation fervor to new heights (even higher than his KY GOP colleagues in D.C.), her guest didn’t have time (unfortunately) to point out that this isn’t unique to Rand or Republicans in the fine commonwealth of Kentucky.

The chair of our House environmental committee, Jim Gooch (a “Democrat”), is a global warming-denying EPA-fighter who blocks any type of progressive legislation in Frankfort that restricts the coal industry in any way from even getting a hearing, let alone a vote. Yes, the Democratic leadership fights to make sure that he maintains his chairmanship.

And we have Democratic Congressman Ben Chandler, who not only votes against regulation of Wall Street (a year after they caused the biggest economic meltdown in 80 years, no less), but recently voted to block EPA regulations on mercury emissions from power plants (not to mention a series of votes in the past year to cut back funding and power of the EPA).

And then of course…. Gov. GET OFF OUR BACKS!

With a standing ovation from the legislature (minus the handful of Kathy Steins and Mary Lou Marzians sprinkled in), of course.

While it’s not fair to Steve Beshear, Ben Chandler, Jim Gooch, and even KY Republicans to make a direct comparison of them to the current behavior of Rand Paul, it’s hard to ignore the fact that when it comes to regulations protecting the safety and health of its citizens, the majority of Kentucky lawmakers are certainly in the same ballpark.

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