Shadow Williams group finally puts him on your TV

You probably haven’t seen a David Williams ad on your television set for quite some time (because he has, like, no money, and the Republican Governors Association has given up on him), but that’s about to change, thanks to his step-father the shadow mystery group “Restoring America” pumping in $177,000 worth of ads attacking Steve Beshear and supporting Williams.

And they’re pretty fun. Here you see an actor playing a coal miner, lying about Beshear supporting Obama’s EPA regulations that protect the health and well-being of Kentuckians:

There’s another ad that says Steve Beshear is responsible for kids in Jefferson County being driven home at night, because I guess school gets out around 4:30 p.m. or their home is two or three hours away, plus another ad that WKYT has apparently pulled from the air, because it tells a direct lie about Beshear.

But the best ad is definitely their “positive” ad for Williams. As you can see below, a child actor portrays an adorable boy-Williams, listening intently to the struggles of regular working-class Kentuckians shooting the shit in a barbershop, as we’re told that little David “always loved our state and knew there’d be the day he could make lives better.”

Yes, even as a child, little David pined for the day that he could harass dark-skinned people, force women to have ultrasounds against their will, protect the right of coal companies to pollute the air and water at their own discretion, and bully everything on two legs in Frankfort.

The ad also decries the “crushing taxes” in Kentucky. Every one of which Williams is responsible for, of course. So there’s that.

Anyway, the appearance of these new ads by Williams’ step-father Restoring America is most definitely a game changer. Instead of losing to Beshear by 30 percent, a full month of these ads might actually get him within 20 percent. Whether that kind of margin will allow him to keep his leadership position in the Senate this January, however, is anyone’s guess at this point.

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