Comer and P’Pool going rogue

As we head into the final three weeks of the campaign here in Kentucky, the candidates on the Republican ticket are going on a bus tour around the state to meet voters and pick up support.

Well… some of the ticket. Todd P’Pool and Jamie Comer, candidates for attorney general and commissioner of agriculture, are heading out on their own “Corn and Coal” bus tour, but are leaving some of their dead weight behind. Specifically, the man at the top of their ticket who is down 31 percent in the latest poll, gubernatorial candidate David Williams.

P’Pool and Comer are likely the two GOP candidates with the best chance of overcoming a huge Williams loss to Steve Beshear, as they’ve had decent fundraising and somewhat vulnerable opponent (Jack Conway may still be vulnerable from the beating he took last November in the Senate race, and Bob Farmer is someone with no agriculture experience and literally a comedian, who even The Courier-Journal wouldn’t endorse).

David who? Don’t know him…

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