Williams gives up on Teflon Beshear, goes after Abramson

David Williams, the guy who is losing by 30 percent with only two weeks to go until election day, is trying a new tactic with his new ad he just released (on YouTube, as I’m not sure he has enough money to put it on anything other than public access television). It’s all about the Louisville Liberal Jerry Abramson, who loves abortion and Obama (and who did acrobatic flips last night on KET to avoid saying “Louisville,” calling himself the “Mayor of Jefferson County):

And speaking of abortion, we have to mention what David Williams told The Courier-Journal about abortion in Saturday’s paper:

Williams said he opposes abortion even for cases of rape and incest, and he likens it to murder: “If somebody shot my mother, I would want to kill them, but I don’t think that is the appropriate thing to do. We have laws against murder.”

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around that quote for the past three days, and… I just can’t. If someone can fill me in on what the hell that means, please do. I’m tempted to guess, but I’d rather leave his mother out of this.

In other Bible-thumping news, Williams also confirmed that he thinks gay people are sick and disgusting freaks who don’t deserve very basic rights, even though some of his best friends are gay:

Williams said he has friends who are gay but that he stands behind his 2008 statement that homosexuality is “aberrant behavior.” The Kentucky Equality Federation says no pro-gay legislation has passed the Senate under his watch. That includes a bill that flew through the House 99-0 last year that would have given members of same-sex couples the right to visit each other in the hospital. (Some hospitals have barred visits by people not related to an incapacitated patient by blood or marriage.)

Williams said he doesn’t discriminate against gays but doesn’t think they deserve “special legal status” and would rescind Gov. Steve Beshear’s executive order barring the hiring or firing of state employees based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and other characteristics.

Man, it’s an especially sad day for those poor souls who are gay and are paid to shill for David Williams. Hate pays those billz though, I guess.

Also, that thing about Jerry Abramson paying his friend $85,000 to do nothing? Yeah, that’s 100 percent true. You can expect fun little nuggets like that in Frankfort over the next four years. When Jerry and Larry Hayes get back together again, it’ll be like the Good Ole Boy Wonder Twins.

Anyway, look forward to the next Williams ad, which I hear is 30 seconds of new age music with a repetitive mantra of “ObamaAbortionObamaAbortion” throughout it, with images of pedophile rapist murders walking out of prison, giving Steve Beshear hi-fives.

It’s that special time of the year.

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