P’Pool, Giuliani, abortion, Rand, 9/11 and Conway

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani came to Louisville last week to campaign for not-David Williams GOP attorney general candidate Todd P’Pool, speaking in front of a crowd of about 100 people at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Rudy served up the red meat that the crowd and P’Pool were looking for, blasting Jack Conway for allowing Barack Obama to destroy America with this dastardly war on coal and “socialized medicine.”

However, the strong pro-choice advocate didn’t mention abortion, as that has been one of P’Pool’s biggest campaign themes. His ads explain that Conway shares Obama’s “pro-choice values,” but in actuality, Giuliani is much more pro-choice than Conway, as he even opposed the so-called “partial birth abortion” ban.

I caught up with Giuliani afterward and asked him if it is important for an attorney general to be “pro-life”:

LEO: Abortion has been a big issue in this race. Do you think it’s important for an attorney general to be pro-life and protect the unborn in office?

Giuliani: I think that’s a personal decision that people have to make… We have a country in which people disagree on that, and I think if people are being honest, if the candidates are being honest, that’s what the public is entitled to.

Honesty on this issue is important. Which is why it’s important to note that the 100 percent rating he received and touts from Kentucky Right to Life required him to say that abortion should be illegal even in the case of rape and incest. And it should also be noted that this group whose endorsement he touts tells women that abortion causes breast cancer, is more dangerous than childbirth, and causes “depression and mental trauma … divorce and even suicide.” Ah, Truthiness.

Speaking of honesty, here’s what P’Pool’s campaign manager David Ray said when I asked him if abortion was as important an issue as coal and “Obamacare”:

“As important? No, but I do think that it moves the votes. And people certainly care about it, and are passionate about it.”

Now that’s honesty that you don’t hear every day in politics.

I also asked him if bringing in Giuliani undermined to pro-life messaging of the campaign, and he said that you can’t agree with everyone on everything. Of course, if abortion was to be illegal, I doubt women would have an “agree to disagree” attitude toward their government-forced birth, lacking the abiility to make their “personal decision,” as Giuliani calls it.

I also asked Giuliani if he still agrees that Sen. Rand Paul blames America for causing 9/11, seeing how P’Pool’s new attack ad goes after Conway for making a false personal attack against Paul.

Giuliani: I don’t know, I haven’t talked to him about it. I remember his dad saying that, I don’t remember him saying that.

LEO: You said that when you endorsed Trey Grayson last year.

Giuliani: Did he? I don’t remember what Sen. Paul said. I remember his dad saying that. I remember that being an issue, but I can’t remember exactly what it is that he said.

P’Pool was standing right next to Giuliani when he made this (false) allegation yet again toward Ron Paul for stating the fact that American foreign policy pisses many people off (justified or not), and didn’t feel compelled to jump to the defense of either of the Pauls.

During his speech, P’Pool did what he didn’t have the nerve to do when standing next to Jack Conway for an hour during the previous week’s hourlong attorney general debate on KET: attack him over his brother’s drug investigation last year.

“Today there is a double-standard of justice in Kentucky… whether it’s Jack Conway both covering up, compromising a felony drug investigation, and then covering that investigation up.”

I asked P’Pool why he didn’t say that to Jack Conway’s face when he was sitting right next to him on live television the week before.

P’Pool: Well, you only have so many minutes in a debate. And we were certainly prepared to talk about that. And I’m prepared to share with the media where he admitted to perjury, which is a class D felony in Kentucky. It’s black and white. Matt Conway admitted to committing perjury, lying under oath. And now this lies at the feet of all the media, who I think is complicit in the cover up, and lies at the feet of the top law enforcement official in Kentucky, Jack Conway. And the prosecutors in Jefferson County, who refuse to prosecute this.

LEO: You think the entire media is complicit?

P’Pool: I think there has been very little discussion about this travesty of justice.

Ah. You see, he didn’t have time on the hourlong broadcast to bring that up. Also, it didn’t take very long to back down on that accusation that the media is complicit in a felony, did it?

P’Pool will probably have one more negative ad to put up against Conway. We’re betting on Matt Conway, but probably nothing from the video below, as that wouldn’t “move the votes.”

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